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Metron W/Neox

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I just bought a pair of 06-07 Meton B5s. My DIN is 5.75. I have been skiing Atomic R10 with CR 412 bindings with DIN set correctly. My question is this. Should I stay with the 412, in the NEOX of course; or should I drop to the 310? Aside from the DIN setting range in 310, will this "lighter" cause any difference in the characterics of the ski? I have long been told the DIN setting should be in the middle of the range of the binding....I am looking for more than that...like is the 310 as durable and dependable as the 410? My DIN will never go higher as I am 58 years old and am already in a reduced DIN setting for my age.
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The only difference in the bindings is the springs.

That said, at your DIN, either will work just fine.
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Go for the 310, you'll have a lighter binding & save some $$ as well. On the flip side, the resale value would probably be better with the 412.
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