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The ultimate speed windsurfing video!

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I partisipated as well but got knocked out during qualification. Made a quick editors cut of the french tv broadcast, slammed some great music on top and it came out great if I may say so. Thaught it could intrest some of you guys into extreem skiing and stuff. This is extreem windsurfing.

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I like what you did to it, but just like a lot of the modern extreme skiing videos, they used way too much slow motion. When I watch big mountain skiing and speeds sailing, I want to see it in full speed. That's the only way you can get a real feel for the speed they are actually carrying. Sure, it make the clips shorter, but slow motion just makes speed become boring. It felt like the intro to that thing, with the slow motion of the wave sailing was about 10x too long.

Having a speed event in the surf seems like a crazy idea. I can't imagin trying to go 35-40mph in surf, even smallish surf.

I started windsurfing back in the 80s and got into it a lot in 86 and 87 when full batton camber sails came out. It's surprising how little the technology seems to have changed in 20 years. I would imagine that the boards, sails and masts are bit lighter, since we didn't have carbon back then (I'm making the assumption that there is a lot of carbon in modern equipment), but other than that, the designs all look the same, and the speeds are about the same.

Thanks for the hit of speed!
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Thanks for your feedback John. I agree with you on the slowmotion part. And there are too many repetitions of the same scenes. Like when E11 is making that loop, there must be 3 or 4 clips of that moove in the intro only. I took out at least half of everything but I guess I should have taken out even more. Ill give it annother shot this week.

Speed events like this one in Sotavento, Canary Islands, are designed to have flat water and strong offshore winds. But water is like snow I guess, hard to controll. Many downhill races have been canceled because of snow fall and many speed events because of choppy water. Through all my carriere as a speed windsurfer I have only very seldome had the perfect conditions.
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Thanks for that tdk6

JohnH- I am returning to windsurfing after being into it in the 80s.

The real improvements seem to be in short-boards that plane in force 3 or 4 winds. The new Formula Class are 1M wide.

Not a whitecap in sight and planed off:

Rigs also seem to be carrying more tension.
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