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What Do You Get From Epic

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I did a search on this topic and found: Best/Most Important back in 2001.
Not the best at searching.

Anyway, can you point to those things about Epic of value to you both technically and other wise; that with which this site has helped you. There is a reason why people keep coming back. I'd like to hear what you have learned or been able to take from here or what you have been able to give back.

I have been skiing since I was a little kid and Epic is full of information and insight. As an un-schooled skier there are many aspects of the sport that I don't know. Resort info, meeting-on-the-hill, info on equipment, stuff about kids, rules of the hill, accepting snowboarders, closed trail logic, boot fitting, and instruction...not to mention: Bonni.

And then there are the infidels who got banned. And the trolls. I think Phil could be a troll - a long term troll working his way up the ladder.
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Entertainment is the first thing I think of. We all know how entertaining Phil can be...
A place to give and get info from some adults.

A chance to talk with people from around the world that have a similar interst.
Even get the chance to meet some of them at Epic events.

As well as people like you Paul. Just wish the conditions were better that day at Kmart.
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I love being able to talk to people who share a passion for skiing. There's not many places where I can talk to ski nerds in the southeast, so this brings me closer to the mountain. I get advice from other members and I like knowing where they ski, hearing about their trips, viewpoints, etc.

I didn't find this wonderful site until a few weeks I visit it everyday. It makes me feel a lot closer to snow and it reinforces my love of skiing.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
I think Phil could be a troll - a long term troll working his way up the ladder.
Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
Entertainment is the first thing I think of. We all know how entertaining Phil can be...
I seem to get grief, especially with these two knuckleheads that I enjoy skiing with. I seem to fall a lot when I am skiing with Max and when I am with Paul, he seems to run into me constantly. Maybe I should take that back.

Actually, I have made over ton of friends here (if you weigh them all, I am sure they add up to well over 2,000 lb's). In my first 4 years or so, I just lurked, a post here, a thread there and the occasional ski purchase. But of late I have learned so much about gear, people and even some about skiing.

Being a mod here has given me a feel of ownership and has re-opened quite a few doors again. I would love to get back in to the industry full time, there is just no money in it.
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i get to finally leave my friends at home in nj alone about skiing. they dont have the bug like we do. so when i start talking to them about skiing, in june, i usually get yelled at.

I also get to talk to other people who love the same thing i do. Also i get to find out first hand from people who actually have the gear what its like. ie, one of the reasons i bought my karmas and rx8's. I also get to see guys like WTFH and phil argue with trekchick. It always gives me something to read, either them or someone else whose been here a while and has a reputation.

It also gave me something to do at work. Since i did find epic while surfing the net for reviews of radar detectors. i guess theyre related
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Epic is my daily (many times/day!) hang loose time, and fix.

Thnak God for this damn site!
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WHAT DO I GET FROM EPIC SKI FORUMS? Eye strain, oh and a good laugh with lots of help! And the best damn 4 days of skiing at ESA!
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I have found some good advice( i hope).

I have also learned the following:

I have found that Harald Harb seems to be the skiing antichrist, according to some.

Shorter, or longer skis are best.

Bode is a villanous hero, or a heroic villan.

Phil likes to ski and needs a job so he doesn't have to be here all the time.

Steve needs to win the lottery so he can keep an eye on the board more.
Snow boarders are or are not more dangerous than skiers.

Vollantaddict seems to have a ski fettish.

and ski instructors don't seem to do it for the money.

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I like the information and social aspects of this site but most of all I enjoy meeting and skiing with the folks I meet at Epic events.
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I just found this site a few months back and I'm stoked. Here in japan, i don't get much ski chat. (not in english anyway and my japanese vocabulary has seen better days.) I love how so many different types of skiers share their opinions and questions. The aesthetic of the dialogue is very real and not overly hyped or commercialized. (as some rival sites can be) I love to read about parents stoking out kids, honest questions posted by real skiers without uneducated teens preaching the cool.

I am now a know-it-all gone humbled.
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What do I get from EPIC.

Friendly, experianced, knowledgable, varied information on gear. Never mind the magazine gear reviews this place has everything a buyer could want.

Polite helpfull advice on skiing techniques.


A ski fix in the summer.

A great place to relax and have a read anytime of year.
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Crabs...or maybe that was Sloppy Sally.....can't remember ...reading skiing forums has caused irreparable damage.
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Grumpy PM's. Friends. Good advice. Schooling, Teased, Informed, Jokes, Fix for my ski jones,Bad advice and lots of good posts to read whether I agree or not it is great . For us all to share differant perspectives and maybe learn something new at the same time.Finding things out about yourself that might need examination.
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Only been part of it for awhile, but I love to ski (even though I'm not very good) and coming to this site everyday and reading just whatever I can is awesome. I really want to try different things this next season (like jump a cliff maybe...) and just reading everything inspires me. What can I say?! It's great!!!
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Epic gives us lots of people to share snow stoke with. Got to love the net!
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People who know tons more about skiing than I do. Thank you everyone!
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Ditto - as a newbie to the forum, I have learned tons from y'all (hey, I am from the South... of Canada!). Great insights, and besides, it feeds the needs until the skiing begins again (someone got turns on my local mt this week)!
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Epic has encouraged me to race, and to take skiing seriously as a sport. Also, its kept my ski passion alive through the summer months. Interestingly, its also given me some perspective on how old guys aren't necessarily useless .
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Careful how you talk about US "old guys". We may not say or do much, but we are watching and listening !! I am new to the forum (6 mo.), but I really find some facinating dialog here, very informative. I am planning my first trip west this year, I hope to the Tahoe area, if my wife finally retires. I skied once at Mt. Hood when stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington back in the 50's (old guy). Heavenly and Squaw seem to appeal to me now.
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Considering that for some odd reason there is only a couple ski forums that I could find, (unlike my other hobbies: Sportbike riding, computers, and audio which have hundreds of forums each) I found Epic to be the only ski forum I could find that had the atmoshere I was looking for.

I came here for advice. I continue to visit daily because I have read a lot of good threads here and I value the input I have received. Because of this site I have some kick ass ski kit. OH and I now know what ALTA is. That alone was worth the sign up. I'm learning the secret lingo.
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In a short time I have noticed Epic particularly impressive helping those coming in from overseas. From where to ski, how to ski, what ski to ski, abundant thoughtful help from this site. It appears there are many “US Skiing Ambassadors” amongst us.
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Very informative site full of people who love to ski more than I do. I can get great info here about mountains, accoms, gear, travel ideas and rental spots, all sorts of stuff.
All in all a great site for sport and all that skiing is.
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I get 20 cents a post to maintain the focus on technique and family values.
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Do you have to pay 20¢ a post when you fail in that endeavor?
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Most of this I pulled from an email that is moldering my drafts folder. I had written it when trying to come up with some feedback for my trainers at Jiminy Peak. I have adapted it for Paul's question.

I hope it is not too mushy...

I was in third grade when my father left us for the last time. He had left us a couple times before but I was younger and I don't remember those times as well.

I recall my mother struggling to keep my sisters and I together and in the same town and schools we were growing up in (my father's hometown). It was not easy for her or us but those are details that no one needs to know.

That is when I learned to ski...

When we were skiing, people just helped each other.

It happened my first time, when I stood at the top and cried and refused to go down. Someone said, "Look over there. You can ski over there."

It happened the first time I ever went to someplace big (Big Tupper). Father Dupre' took me and a couple other kids from the CYO bus to the mid point of the T-bar, showed us the snowplow turn and said, "I'll see you at the bottom."

It happened on the slopes when someone fell. Large people on long skis would stop and ask, "Are you alright?" People always stopped for yard sales.

It happened in the lodge when there was always room by the fire for you...and your boots.

It happened when we needed equipment. Hand me downs between families were de riguer and it always seemed as if the right piece or size would always turn up.

Skiing created a sense of community. It was a place I could go to escape to where everyone was happy and friendly.

That sense of community skiing creates is still very important to me. It is one of the main reasons my wife and I chose to be a skiing family with our three children. It is one of the main reasons I chose to try instructing.

Epic reminds me that the skiing community I recall is still alive and strong and much larger than I ever knew. I am glad to be a part of it…in any capacity and at any level.

I have probably adopted more of my father's bad temper and selfish traits than I care to admit. But this, I can do. I can help people ski (obviously not as well as most of you here). It's not only what I can do, it's what I want to do. I want to help people ski…and I'll work to get better.

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It's the best deal around.....

......for lots of technical information fast. Sure the disputes are disruptive; but they are the most educational and informative, especially when experts spar over points, and detail explanations. Here's my pecking order: Epic/techsupportforskiers/any ski magazines.

I only go over to TGR when I drop acid.
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What do I get from EpicSki.....carpel-tunnel syndrome.
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