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Bad skis?

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I would bet a ski review that picked out all the "Bad" skis would be pretty interesting.

I'm not talking about the second string rental and department store models.

What words could be used.

lifeless, floppy, uncontrolable, a mind of their own. too stiff, too soft,
Slow. hard to edge, difficult to release, requires too much input.

Can anyone name two that someone else wouldn't put on the "good" list?

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k2 gyrator.
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What doesn't work with the gyrator. I've not seen nor heard of it.


PK's column speaks to the all mountain topic that I almost posteds this question to.

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K2 gyrator was sort of a primitive new school ski, but without a twin tip. I think it was mainly designed for bumps. a friend and myself both had them in hmm maybe 1987/88??.. They broke. they all broke. everyone I know that had a pair broke them. And,considering they were soft enough for my skinny 12 year old body, I would say they definitely would have been waaaaaayyyy too soft for anyone over 100 lbs.
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The Gyrator was actually the same ski as the ladies ski of the time (the K2 - LTP). Just a different graphic. My wife had a pair. She pretty much though they were worthless.
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I had hoped that we would consider contemporary "up the line" skis.

Broken skis are hard to ski on.

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Personally i have not come across a ski that i did not like. Granted there ar skis that suit each person's skiing style or preferences, but i dont think that in today's ski market you can say that there are bad skis being made. As for different skis, deffinitly, but bad skis, id say no.
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CalG - when I was in college I had friends at UVM. They would do night raids on the Rossignol plant. Throw heavy blankets over the barbed wire and then go raid the dumpster. The unfixable warranty skis would all be in there. Before they were thrown in someone at Rossi would also punch out one of the edges. I think it was always the left edge because you could never make a pair of good ones. My friends basement looked like a ski shop, except all the skis were trashed. Anyway, I remember skiing at Sugarbush with a friend who was on dumpster skis. On about the second run his ski (a 7SK if I remember correctly) broke in half right in front of the binding. He skiied on it like that the whole rest of the day. The P-tex was just about the only thing holding it together and on the lift rides, the tip was pointing straight at the ground. He had to be really careful getting off the lifts. I was sore that night from laughing so hard all day.
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What to do when a bad ski turns good?.

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Dynastar skis!!! Yeah, I know many of you ski on them and love them. Hell, I skied on them and loved them until… I bought a pair of Assault V 8’s and a few months later (with less than 10 days on them) I broke them. No problem, I have broken or bent all but 2 skis that I have owned during the past 25 years, and without exception had warranty repairs or replacements even when unwarranted (I sent a pair of 3 year old Élan demo ski’s back on a bent ski issue and they still replaced the ski – did I say, I love Élan?). Not this time. Dynastar would not even talk to me about the problem – the ski was more than 6 months old, were not going to replace it. I no longer ski on Dynastar and I bitch about them as often and as vocally as possible.

Since all the busted skis were returned and replaced, I have only two pair in my possession, the Dynastar’s above and a pair of Dynamic VR 17’s, which I bent and stopped skiing “because I liked my Head’s better”. Ok, so I didn’t know they were bent and only found out much later. Dynamic had already replaced 2 pair of the VR 17’s for me. Did I mention I love Dynamic???



Like your buddy, I skied on the above skis, after they broke, for an hour or two before realizing that Mt. Hood Meadows was having free demo days that afternoon. I was so pissed that the ski had broken dropping into a mogul field with pathetically small bumps, I was going to take my frustration out on the ski. I skied everything with that broken ski, steeps, bumps, what a weird day. But the demoing was great fun and the price was right!!! I have skied on many bent skis without knowing they were bent. I just thought I was not performing or was tired or... Only to find out when I placed the skis on the bench to tune them that night that one has significantly less camber that the other, or even a reverse camber. Oops.
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The Salomon Scream 10 Pilots. Yuck! I hate these noodles! I can't believe they're so popular. I couldn't wait to get 'em off!
I work in a shop and convinced the boss to buy a couple pairs since they're the newest, supposedly revolutionary technology. Yeah right.
I finally tried 'em and just hated 'em. Makin' jump turns down West Face of KT they just wash out with every turn, no stability. Weren't bad while straightlining down a groomer but whenever put on edge, they just wanted to wander. Certainly there wasn't anyplace they excelled and that's inexcusable given the out of this world price tag.
Well for whatever reason, i just couldn't believe my first impression so I decided to try 'em again. I was right the first time. The boss liked 'em and thought I was crazy but I convinced him to take 'em & a pair of the regular old X-Scream Series out for a day and tell me what he thought of the 2. Like me, he much preferred the original. We were both trying the 2002 Pilot in the 192 and 2001 Series in a 195. I'm 5'9" 150 & he's 6'2" 220.
The Pilot system allows the ski to flex more naturally because the bindings aren't drilled & mounted into the top of the skis. Because of the increased flex, these skis just flex way too much and are noodles. Even the Prolink couldn't enhance the performance.
I shutter at the thought that people actually spent $1000+ for these. What a waste. I can't begin to imagine that the Pilot 8 is even softer. A serious blow to Salomon's rep!

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