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Castle Rock Crisis

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Recieved notice this morning that there is a big engineering problem with the Castle Rock Chair at Sugarbush. Anyone know any more than the fact that it is just not running.
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I thought you were referring to Castle Rock, CO and had uncovered what I've known all along. That everyone there is related.
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There is to my knowlege a difference between mechanical and genetic engineering. I hope.
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not Bush.

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Apparently there is an engineering problem with the tower placements for the lift. Somehow it got past the Poma and Vermont inspectors but when they ran it for the first day they noticed the problem. They're not estimating a timeline on the fix, but if it really is a misplaced tower I doubt it'll open for the season.

That's the bad news. The good news is that for those of us who don't mind a mile hike in ski boots, they're allowing people to hike the long trail from the top of the Heaven's Gate lift over to the top of Castlerock. For those who put up with the hike, the conditions should be great all season with little traffic.

I know I'll enjoy my turns over there. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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No natural snow, very little water to create manmade, problems with their website, their signature lift/terrain taken out for several months... what else can go wrong for the new owners?
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Hike or go Home I guess. You think POMA would have run the lift during the inspection. Patrol better be ready to pull some meat heads out of the woods at some point this season if they are alowing the hike.
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Could be a problem that only surfaced when the weather got cold enough. Thermal expansion/contraction can be a major factor. The chair may have run fine when temps were warmer when the inspectors were there.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by C-dubs:
Patrol better be ready to pull some meat heads out of the woods at some point this season if they are alowing the hike.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Why should it be a problem? At Whistler you can access more woods off one lift than you can through any hike at Sugarbush, and patrol seems to do just fine.
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Have you ever skied Sugarbush? There are some gapers up there (like C-dubs ) who will try to ski a resort's "signature" run just to say they did it. It's like Outer Limits on a Saturday afternoon... train wrecks everywhere. The patrol is going to have to monitor the terrain or some idiot is going to get stuck up there for awhile.
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My opinion:
Very few idiots and gapers will do the 30 minute hike/traverse.

Of course, that means I won't be skiing it.
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Not to mention that there are some pretty sick chutes along the way of that hike and with increase traffic due to the fact that management said the hike is open, there may be some people thinking that these chutes are a good idea when they are not. Llama you can gape with the best of them...
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