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Since we have an Instructor Listing (which has been around in various forms since late 2001, and since the site redesign this summer has been requested multiple times), I think it makes sense to have a link from each listed instructors' posts to their listing. We need to find an appropriate title for those listed, and "EpicSki Supporter - Instructor" has been suggested. The "Instructor" would link to their entry in the listing. It is possible that other words are better, and we are open to your thoughts on that.

By the way, the PSIA marketing program is called "Go With a Pro", and the motto is, "Take a lesson from a pro and get better quicker." FWIW.
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Originally Posted by BillA View Post
(note that Steve has been elevated to a Level III)
It embarassed me when it was in private communication and now you put it out here for all to see?!?!?! :

For the record, I'm a very part time level II. I had no intention of pursuing level III until I was encouraged to do so by some good and knowledgeable friends. Who knows what will happen? But, please be clear, everyone, that I do not have the credentials or skills of the full-time instructors who take the time to participate on this site!
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Originally Posted by ssh
Hem, I get your point about "Ski Pro" and agree. For me, this has mostly been a cut-and-paste exercise, and we didn't really think through the "Ski Pro" designation. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

What do you think about the version in my title (with "EpicSki Supporter" above the credentials)?

As I stated on both this and the related thread in community announcements,
I have no problem with anyone who feels the need to be referred to as a "Pro".

It does not square with my own self-image, but I certainly do not begrudge anyone else it's useage.

Please do not mistake my own preference for personal title as a dispersion on those with differing opinions.

The term "Pro" can certainly boost student confidence in any given tutor, and there is much to be said for this.

I, simply, am no "Pro".

I am a proud Ski Educator

Thank You,

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That having been said, Hem must needs be off to the train.

Students await their

"English Literature Pro"

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Really Hem, it was never a question of anyone "needing" to be called Ski Pro. Really it was a question of whether it was appropriate for epic ski, or someone else, to call a person a ski pro. Quite a difference. I know I don't use this term on myself, and my ski school's usage is only to promote professionalism in it's employees, and all that that implys. Later, RicB.
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Hemingway, would a rose by any name smell as sweet? A rose is a rose is a rose.

It comes not from literature but from golf and tennis, methinks?
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After extensive deliberation (and more than a little delay due to my other pressing business!), we have decided this:
  • We will maintain the EpicSki Instructor List as it has been since its inception a number of years ago
  • We will use the instructors' title area to link to their entry in the list and also to link to the resort where they teach
We are leaving the instructors' credentials off of their titles, but that will be available within the listing.

If you have comments or questions on this policy, please contact me by PM or e-mail (both available directly in my profile).

Thank you again to all of the instructors who give so much of their time and valuable insights to EpicSki at no cost to members!
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Hi Si,

Listen, it is quite amusing what some guys post here online. But don't worry there is not much "Pro" stuff in here anyhow.

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