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Anyone else?

If I wasn't so damn busy lately, I probably would've pulled the trigger by now. I have a new pair of bindings that need some mounting...
The Elan 777 was the ski that I enjoyed probably the most when demoing last spring. But, I was skiing a 176 and I am 150lbs. There just isn't a speed limit on this thing, and nothing deflected it. Enough sidecut to turn when you want it to, but not enough that it is always turning and deflecting (a good analogy would be a GS race stock ski-it turns when input is recieved from the skier, but won't turn otherwise). I can't speak from a heavier-skier standpoint, but I do know that of the few I have sold, customers have all raved about them. It is a great big speed, rough snow ski.
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I'm planning on demoing quite a bit again this year, but for now the M777 is still my primary go to ski for Colorado. I think too much is being made about its softer longitudinal flex. In the grand scheme of things I would call the flex "medium" while still maintaining good pop. It's not Volkl stiff and that's a good thing for this ski (and I skied Volkls for years before the Elans).

As another poster eluded to, this ski can ski much tighter arcs than the large sidecut radius would suggest. It bends really nicely if you through some power at it and it does this without mushing out. I think that's what some people get scared of when you start talking about a softer ski - this ski will bend and take the energy you put into it, but it will give it right back - it's Fun (with a capital F).

I found it to be very versatile and even had a blast with it going through the rutted out Spring moguls at the end of last season. I'm skiing the 176cm, but probably could have gone longer - they ski short (aggressive kick tail combined with the Elan method of ski length measurement). Also, every pair of 777s I measured was at about 85mm underfoot - so they are a bit narrower than advertised.
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Dawg - clear your mailbox - I need to send you a PM!
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