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I ran into Bill A today...

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While I was at Heino's in NJ getting fitted for custom footbeds.

Nice guy.

Sharp too...

He figured out who I was just from my limp and a comment I made to the fitter about my accident.

Anyway, nice to meet ya' Bill.
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Nice to meet you also. Interesting to put faces with names. Good luck with the new boots. I think you'll find the alignment a big help.
We'll have to get together when it snows.
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Right On. :

By the way, who was that shopping for boots today?
Your son?

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He's my daughters boy friend. Nice kid. He's a Junior at Penn State-Wilks. Also part time ski instructor and PSIA Level I.
Are you taking your skis to Heino's today?
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I'm taking my neice in to either heino's or cury's for rentals (she's 9) and I'll be dropping my skis at heino's to get those cants put in that they measured me for.

I'm thinking I'm going to try curry's for the rentals first, just because of their geographic proximity to where I live.

It's odd how when I go to one of the 3 shops I patronize, heino's, curry's and sitzmark, I always feel like I'm "cheating" on the other two.

Anyway, what kind of boots did he end up with?
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He bought the Tecnica Icon X. A good choice for his ability and the right fit. If you noticed it looked like he was trying on every boot in the store. The fitter (Joe) working with him took enough time to make sure he got the right fit. I bought him new foot beds, his were shot.
See you on the snow.
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Don't get me wrong, this is not a criticism or anything. It just seems like you guys are unaware of the Private Message feature.

Click on the "Send PM" icon above anyone else's psot to send them a PM. No personal contact info is revealed through the PM system, and e-mail notices of new PMs is an option (set it in "My Profile"). You go to "My Profile" also to read PMs you've received.
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Oh, was this bad?

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No, not "bad", just thought you might prefer having this 1-on-1 type of conversation in that form.

I'm just making an effort to ensure everyone gets the most our of all the site's tools, and that is a new one that some may not be aware of!
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Oh, I knew about the tool, I just didn't think that the conversation was in any way "personal" and I was treating the forum sort of like a coffee shop, only without the cute waitresses and bad service.
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Care for a refill, sir? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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{Joey Tribiani Voice}...
How you doin?
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