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Japanese Prank

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I promise you, you will laugh. Watch these.

Skiing related one

Poto potty trick
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I laughed so hard, I got my ab work out in for the day, just watching these.
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I enjoyed that also. I had to show it to the rest of the family after I saw the first part. The ones at the beach were the best .That one guy who held on the longest and rode it like some kind of water scooter was awesome .He got pretty far out in the water.
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I had heard that Japanese toilets were different, but:
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
I had heard that Japanese toilets were different, but:
When you travel, you can get some interesting "surprises." There are many different styles of toilets out there. I wonder if anyone has put together a website on "where to and how to depending on where you are." Could be interesting.:
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