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Solly 957 Equipe

If you can mount your own stuff, these bindings are in great condition. DIN 7-14 with worm screw adjustment on the heel. $50 shipped in the US. PM me if you want them.

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Looking for 977 Equipe or 997 Equipe...

good condition

whacha got?
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
I have some, it is just that all are on skis.
What he said.... Bump I just mounted a pair of 977s on the new CaBrawlers. They were $15.00 on eBay shipped.
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to whom it may concern,


 I have a set of the old solomon 977s bindings in excellent condition. They are currently on a set of atomic 3 twincap 191 skis. You may contact me at upscale_resale2011@yahoo.comhope to hear from you soon.




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