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Doberman Aggressor Boots for a J3

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My 14 yr. old sprouted to 5'-10", 175 lbs. and needs new race boots for his last year as a J3. He has size 10EEE feet and will need extensive bootfitting to get into a race boot. We're thinking about the Aggressor or Doberman Pro, the Atomic CS 130 and maybe the Head RS 100...any experience or thoughts for this kid? Thanks! Gregg
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I assume you know the stance difference between the Aggressor and the Dobie. Those are some good sized feet, so you're right about the fitting. Do you have a good fitter that you'll use?
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Thanks, I do know the stance difference. The Aggressor is supposed to make turn initiation even quicker and w/less articular effort, etc.
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Lots of people are finding that more experienced racers are having a tough time switching to the "Soma" stance in tech events. Racers who aren't as set in their ways are able to make the transition a bit easier. If your boy is consistently finishing well, I'd just stay in the regular straight-ahead stance boots. If you do want to go with the soma stuff though, and a J3 is about the right age to make the switch, the Fischer boots start a bit wider than the Dobies.
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Takecontrol618, the Nordica is not a "SOMA" stance. It's different. The SOMA rotates the foot at it's midpoint, while the Aggressor rotates it about the heel. As a result, it is a much more "natural" feeling boot with much less dramatic stance change.

Although I thought about it for everyday skiing, I think I'll stick with the more traditional boot for now. If I was racing a lot, I'd be very tempted.
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the other issue is that i believe the agressor only comes in a 150 or a 100 Flex.

The 150 comes sizes 3-9 and the 100 3-8.

size and Flex may be an issue. For example if he has a size 11 foot it could be difficult fitting in an 8 shell in the 100.

the 150 is definetly going to be way too stiff at 5'10' & 175lbs. Can it be softened sufficiently without losing the integrity?

the original Atomic Tri-Tech boots (Beta-Race 10.50 and later iterations of the Tri-Techs) had an offset shell similar to the Aggressor.
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