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That's about right....

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Sums me up to a "T"...I'll be in Vegas for the Neck-car race and generally believe anything Limbaugh says before I believe Hilary, Bill, Gephardt or Daschle...

...and there's no pollution in my yard. I just went out and checked!!
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Yeah - and those stinkin' scientist types that all disagree with Limbaugh . . . what kind of commie pinko goes into a no-money profession like science anyhow?! Why can't they be serious American capitalists and drink beer, drive trucks with big tires, and thump their bibles like the rest of us? "Science", sure their science works with cell phones, engines, computers, satellites, medicine and a few other things . . . but give me Limbaugh or Dr. Laura's word about the workings of nature any day!

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NASCAR is to auto racing as beginner snowboarding is to FIS Slalom and GS racing.

anyone who can watch a full NASCAR race should have an EEG to ensure that the whole brain is working.

anyone who watches a full NASCAR race and enjoys it should skip the EEG, and head straight for the morgue. they're already flatlining.

as to Raunch Limburgercheese, anyone who would believe ANYthing he says probably would enjoy a full NASCAR race.

what a great country we live in -- we get to allow folks like Fatty Limb-breaker be our thought proxy. man, no wonder so many Americans are fat, lazy and stupid... hey wait, I just described Plush Scrimshaw!
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