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Atomic Izor 7:5 ?

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I've been skiing for a few years and want to upgrade from Rossi TDI 200's. I saw a good deal on a demo pair of Izor 7:5's at my local ski shop. I am a level 7-8 skier in the NE....PA and north and plan to continue advancing. I don't need something too stiff, but don't want a noodle either .

I can't seem to find many reviews on this ski other than by reps and stores. Any opinions on the Izor 7:5?

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What is your budget? You would likely be happier on a higher performance ski.
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Budget is way down there. Trading in my 1 year old Rossi's, the Izor 7:5 will run about $100. The skis are 168 which is at the upper end of length (comes to top of my forehead). I was advised against the Izor 9:7 of the same length by the rep. He felt they'd be too stiff. Those were the 2 demo skis available within my budget. The others were too expensive.
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