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What is your 07 purchase?

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I'm real excited. : : :

This summer I solicited (prostituted) myself to ski companies for the first time. Didn't think anything would come from it. But I struck a sponsorship with Movement Skis! So I placed my order for 3 pairs of skis/bindings yesterday.

So just a bit curious what you all are buying for this season. What are you stoked about and cannot wait for the white stuff to hit the ground.

Here's what I ordered:

1.) 169 Flame Pro/MVMT 614
2.) 179 Kamasutra/MVMT 614
3.) 191 Goliath/MVMT 614

I can't wait for snow I can't wait for snow I can't wait for snow I can't wait for snow I can't wait for snow I can't wait for snow I can't wait for snow

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Nice post. I haven't purchased anything yet, but I think since I need new boots, slalom, and GS skis I'm going to switch to Atomic after mixing and matching brands for the past few years. Very exciting...
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I'm buying my 12-year-old son his own private lesson. He's been skiing a couple of times, has had two lessons and is about a level 3, but and still can't quite control his speed all the time as evidenced when he tried out a blue run (really green, but at local speed-bump). How long should the lesson be?
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Absolutely nothing. Just using my Phat Luvs this season, and the Atomic boots I bought in mid 2004 (4 seasons on them so far). got new soles for them last season. I know, I need new liners for them!
I'm sure something will come up though, a nifty new soft-shell or something. I know I'll be getting a new hat this season.
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So far: Nordica Top Fuel in a 170. This is a really big deal for me!

Plan to get my 15 year old a pair of junior skis 146-150. She weighs 105 and is 5'6''. She has a pair of 160's that are just too long for her. She is not a very good skier and I feel we need to step back and let her try something real forgiving.

Oh yeah, my new heal nest from Daleboot. An Epic discovery that will improve my skiing and prevent my foot from flapping around the inside of the boot. Thank you very much.
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I'm getting:
new coat
new pants
Fujatives (just for the park, already bought RX8's last year)
new boots
A-frames for night skiing
should run about $1300, I better sell some sh*t to afford this....
So much for gas to drive anywhere but the slopes......
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Right now I'm looking at Rossi Z9's in a 170 or 178, but I may go with Head Supershapes if I can get pro form on them this year (couldn't last year).

I also want a wider ski in the ~100 range, may pro form some Seth's, or look for a less common deal like Prophet 100's, etc.

This is all dependent on whether I go back to work at my shop, and how much I spend on a new (old) car.

If I do work there I'm sure I'll outfit myself with everything but boots again, not that I need to but I might as well take advantage of pro deals/discounts.
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I spent last season on Fischer RX9's and want something that'll come around a bit faster, so I'm going with RX8's as this years new toy. I also came into a pair of old Kastle's with a 36m radius and am having them mounted.

When I get the RX8's I can start thinking about a powder type ski. Then I can start thinking about a stiffer pair of boots, and by that time it'll be time to replace my pants, and gee whiz, shouldn't I consider that hot looking new POC helmet, and (although I'm a danger and embarrasement on the NASTAR course) there's that new racing catalogue coming out.... It's a sickness.

I just got a new Arcteryx Patriot SV jacket on sale and a Marmot. The season is off to a good start.

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Hmmmm, I might get a thing or two...haven't decided.
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picked up a pair of 3 or 4 yr old B3"s"unused"
need to get new boots
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stocking up on a pair of AC4s to accompany my still very clean gotamas.
Salomon's new Falcon 10 boot. (ridiculous) Got five years out my atomics.
Goretex elkskin gloves from Cabellas. (25$) why wouldn't you?
Another pair of A-frames with a clear lense for after work turns on my new (hard) snow planks. can never have enough goggles.
And if I can find it, a water resistant down jacket that comes below my bum. Any suggestions? (night-skiing's cold)
here in japan, while it's snowing all day midweek, nobody skis and the groomers turn into crud butter munchies. Nights rock!! (yes, days are better but I have a day job)

good luck with the new movement!!
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New in Plastic '06 Metron M10 in 164 + '06 neox 614(matching color of course) for $600 shipped. They are going to the shop today to get the bindings mounted.

My son got some t3's too.
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Picked up a set of Omecarve 10's for $199 (ebay). Marker Ti Piston bindings for $53 (REI on sale SWEET!). Still looking for a deal on a set of naxo 21's. Figure I'll dismount the P10's on my motherships and put them on the Omecarve's. Mount the naxo's on the motherships and the Marker's on a set of BD Crossbow's I have chillin in the wrapper.

I'd like to be able to afford two sets of Naxo's.... one for the motherships and the other for the crossbows... but that's just not happening.

Still need to find a local source for AT boots. Will need extensive fitting as my feet are pretty particular.

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Summer shopping made it all possible...

Patagoinia White Smoke (70% off)
Patagonia Figure 4 (50%)
SD's (65%) - never thought I'd start a quiver
912 ti's
misc - baselayers, gloves, hat...

btw - if anyone wants some top notch gloves for very cold days - these are it. Must warn you, wearing them may test your ego as they look a bit pimp...

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