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I Will be mounting '07 Rossignol Axial 2 140 Ti Pro/WB binding to Rossi '07 B3 (120-83-110). I have been skiing with older Atomic Race 6.14s on Atomic Beta Race 10.26s (yes the checker flags) with aprox. 33mm of fore/aft travel (3 locked settings of speed, allround and, extreem). The play in settings with the Atomics proved useful allowing me to use the 10.26s in varied conditions (very difficult to keep those boards afloat!). Now moving to a fixed toe heel with the Axials, I am curious for any feedback with binding mounting location either at dead midline or plus, minus location. I know there are many factors to consider regarding variables and dynamic considerations, nevertheless was interested if anyone has tried a little nudging fore or aft and if they thought it was worth it. In particular, I was thinking a little nudging forward to aid in turning over these wider boards in harder conditions when used outside of pow as I'm not seeking speed rather a little more turn of these 184's (18.9 radius) in pack and bump. I intend to use only these skis this season (in the Rockys). Thank you.