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jobs in the kootenays

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I'm looking to live and work in the BC rockies this winter preferably starting Jan but I'll move out as early as Oct if I can find something good. If anybody here is from Fernie, Nelson, Golden, etc, and can offer some advice or a hookup to a job and/or somewhere to rent, that would be awesome. Thanks
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sorry - only connection I have to the place is my brother was killed in aa helicopter crash there 10 years go...
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What skills do you have?

In Nelson, it's easy to find work in retail if you present yourself reasonably well, but it doesn't pay well. Various technical skills will pay better. These include things like drafting and computer support. If you have your carpenter's ticket, you can find work almost anywhere. Many of the trades provide good employment, but they require certification, for the most part.

Don't count on the local ski area. Their terrain is impressive for a place with only two lifts, but their employment requirements are small.

Housing in Nelson is expensive. Housing in Ymir and Salmo is cheap.
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I think both Fernie and Golden have a bit of a construction boom going (recreational property based), so if you have building trade experience you might be in luck. Are you looking for something hill-related? RCR should be having a hiring fair soon for Fernie (the biggest of the three resorts). If you are willing to commute from Sparwood/Elkford the coal mine seems to be hiring on a regular basis. If you are considering Nelson, you might want to look at Castlegar and Trail as well (think Red Mountain as well as Whitewater).
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I don't have any trades experience which is really too bad because it's huge in that whole region pretty much. I'm currently doing office admin stuff with worksafeBC (WCB). i've got university education and experience in the hospitality industry so I could find something if I showed up at the hiring fair next month. But to make enough cash to cover rent and skiing I'd need to find something good, and I'd like to wait until January which would basically require a hookup, since most jobs will be gone by Oct/Nov. Thanks for the advice
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