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Which is it?

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Do You ski better or worse then you think you do?
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When I have the biggest, silliest grin on my face, is probably when I am in my best groove, but not necessarily my best form.
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I imagine myself to be a better skier than I think I am. But when I hit the snow I realize that I am exactly the skier I thought I was.
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I'm not as good as I imagine I am but then, I'm not as bad as I fear I might be.
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After having seen video, my vision meshes pretty well with reality.
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Who knows. I hope it's the former, but I fear it's the latter.
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Apart from not having the same form, control, guts or grace, I ski just like those big mountain guys in the ski films.
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Chicks dig me!

How could we possibly answer this question? I call FLAWED! I'm only as good to others as they judge me to be. The question basically says "Do you think you are as good as you think you are?". Huh?:

Internally, of course I want to be better. When I watch myself on video, I know it's me, and that's how I ski. Is it good? Bad? Who's to say?
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Originally Posted by mkevenson View Post
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It depends on what type of personality one has.
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I think I ski great at 55mph down the mountain in a race squat until a guy passes me by at 80mph then does a jump with a look back smiles and salutes me mid-air...then I know how much further I still need to go.
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I ski excelently...
for a 25-day-a-year, small-hill amature.
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I ski better than all my friends' moms so thats suits me just fine, so they can't resort to the MOM jokes such as:

a) Even my mom isn't afraid of tucking it in this pitch
b) My mom would nail this flush combo with her eyes close
c) You're slower than my mom when she is cooking dinner

Altough i THINK that I ski better than them... Who knows for sure????
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Probaly better, I'm humble unless some douche nozzel starts talkin sh*t. My skiing speaks for itself when people talk sh*t.
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I ski therefore I am.
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My friends say I'm always the best skier on the mountain, ... but they only say it when I'm dreaming. I like my dreams.
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Who the f--# cares?!! Are you having more fun . . or not?! If you're not, and someone thinks you ski "better", do you give a rats a$$? What is this, some kind of religion?

Helping people to acquire skills, experience and knowledge to increase their pleasure is a joy. Helping people to meet someone else's idea of "correct" is a dead end.
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Originally Posted by oboe View Post
is this, some kind of religion?
In a way, YES!

BTW, I get better at skiing only so I can enjoy it more; I don't ski just to get better at it.
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