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Advice on Mounting Bindings Yourself

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My kids have been ski racing for a couple of years enjoying it and starting to get some success. Great fun but beginning to get expensive, particularly for my elder son who has moved on to adult sized skis (how did kids get so big?). I was pleased to find 2006 race skis from www.ski-depot.com at a good price. Way less than the local shops. Trouble is I am running into a "we only mount bindings on skis we sell" attitude. This also makes me think I might not get the job done well even if I can persuade someone to do it.

The instructions for fitting the atomic (GS11.2/Neox310) looks pretty straightforward - although they still advise you to use a "qualified" technician. The fischer skis/bindings come without instructions - and strict advice to only use a qualified technician - but again the junior skis look pretty straightforward (WC SL Jr/FR11) nicely pre drilled and annotated. The adult ski (WC SL/FR17) doesnt have any of this just a blank race plate.

Any advice before I start? You can probably tell that all this has come up on me unawares as a purely recreational skier myself I have always just bought my skis from a shop and not worried about the finer points.

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My advice is if you don't know what you're doing then don't do it. The binding installation price is a pittance compared to what you're spending on the equipment. Have you considered what medical costs would be if your child breaks a leg or tears a knee due to improperly installed bindings?

The other thing to consider is that not all bindings are compatible on all skis. With the race plates on many skis, the drill pattern of certain bindings won't work with some plates. The mounting jigs the shops have assure a straight drill hole.

Reputable shops will torque test every binding after install to check that the DIN settings are within the norm and will adjust accordingly. I wouldn't risk my child's health and safety just to save a few bucks.

If you want to save money, learn to tune and wax your child's skis instead.
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Your shop will only mount bindings on skis that they've sold? Wow. I've bought a couple skis on Ebay and my local shop has never had an issue mounting them up, even when I've supplied the binding as well.

From talking to the techs at my shop, I've gotten the idea that actually mounting the bindings on the skis is easy. Torque testing them though is the important part, and nobody I know owns a boot torque tester. Are there multiple shops in your area? I've always been charged a few bucks more for mountings on skis I didn't buy at the shop, but I've never been flat out turned down.
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Never attempt to mount your own bindings!

They will explode upon contact, and sudden death will result!

But really, you need to find a new shop...
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Originally Posted by g444eneva View Post
Trouble is I am running into a "we only mount bindings on skis we sell" attitude.
You need to go to a shop that will have the necessary jig to mount the binding (unless it is a pre-drilled plate)
Most shops will mount bindings, if they have the right jig, but don't expect it to be done free.
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Having owned a ski shop, I highly recommend that you don't mount bindings yourself. The binding jigs that each manufacturer creates for their bindings ensures that the bindings are properly placed on the skis for correct operation.

Keep in mind that a shop with "certified" technicians for your specific bindings are indemnified by the manufacturer. Do you really want your kids breaking their legs on bindings you've installed?

Having that assurance is worth it.
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They might not be certified to mount the bindings. I am sure you can find a local shop who will mount for you though. Where are you?
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Thnx one and all for the advice. Clear and to the point. The two shops that pushed back on mounting bindings won't get any business in future from me and mine. I have tried another shop this morning - and they just said bring them in.

Hopefully that is the end of it.
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Here is a good read B&M vs. net purchasing.
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