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colorado housing

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just moved to denver and looking to rent a place for hte winter with a few people. drop me a message if anyone is interested or knows a place to check out.
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Craigslist.com and Summitpost.com.
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You mean a mountain house or in Denver?
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I'm on that one too. i am looking for a condo to stay at one or two long weekends a month (early fri-late sun) with the possibility of extending thru weekdays sporadically. Year-round is OK too.
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Wow, Nando! I just found out you were moving out here! How cool is that? We are spending about a week in Buenos Ares around Thanksgiving. If you like, and are not allergic to cats and dogs, you can stay here to pet sit. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you and your lovely wife on the slopes!
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I have a friend with a house for rent in Breck (Wellington Neighborhood). If that's the kind of thing you are seeking, please PM me. It sleeps 8 in bedrooms and has another large loft bedroom where the kids usually crash that sleeps another 10 the last time I was there (furniture may be different now).
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A bit two big for just my wife and I. Thanks though
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