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What park skis to get

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I usually ski my RX8's but I like to go in the park when the snow is bad or the mountain is crowded so I figured I'd get some park skis. I'm 16 yrs. 5'9 & 145 lbs. I've been skiing since I was 4 so I'm pretty good. I'm looking for a ski that is fairly flexible, I'll be doing rails, butters, and spins and not much else, these are mainly park skis but they will be used in the deeper stuff if I go out of state. If I want to go fast or turn I'll use the RX8's. I don't really want to spend a lot, maybe $250 for skis (I can mount some old bindings or buy some if I need). I was thinking about these skis:
the K2 Fujatives 05/06 (heard they were flexible and good in the park).
Dynastar: Nothin but trouble 06 (don't know much about these)
Cheaper Line skis...maybe (heard they were of poor quality but I'm not sure)

I'm not really sure on the length, I'm used to 165 RX8's but not in the park. I was thinkin about 175's or around there.
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im definitly no expert in the catagory, but my friend had some line mavrick's, i think. They seemed to take a beating. He beat them on rails and such for several seasons before the edges showed cracks and such. It seems that they are no bad park skis. Their bindings on the othehand are downright dangerous
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i have a pair of Armada AR5's that I'm trying to unload...

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Fugatives from lasty year are in big supply, for very cheap. tTHey area park specific ski mount them center or +5 at least.
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Anybody know where I can get some Fujatives for cheap?
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Check out I did'nt see any fugitives there but they have nothing but trouble and trouble makers cheap along with some other twin tips.
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I was looking around and found these:
These are the same as the 05/06 Fujatives right?
Id probaly offer $200 or maybe a bit less. I'm not sure on the quality of the bindings and I don't really like to buy used skis but maybe.
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Are the 07's any different than the 06's? and are the pep fujas the same as the regular fujatives?
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From what I hear the '07 is the same as the '06 except for graphics. The '06 was quite a bit stiffer than the '05.

What size are you looking for? My local shop has one pair of '06 Fugatives for $225 in 169cm. I'm sure they'd ship them for a reasonable fee.
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Im pretty sure hte '06 and the '07 are the same, and that 225 is a good price.
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Hmmm maybe I should look into 05's, would a stiffer ski be better or worse for: landing spins, doing rails, and butters?
Yes that $225 is good, over $100 off new and I like the 06 graphix. I'd probaly go for the 179's though.
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I might go for the onew off craigslist. If the 05's are more flexible that would seem to fit my needs. Although I'm still not sure of the pros and cons of Stiffer park skis and softer park skis. I think softer would be better for buttering and stiffer would be better for the pipe but I hate pipe anyway.

edit: Are the look pivot 10 bindings racing bindings? because they come with the fujatives I found on craigslist, if they are race bindings would they still be decent for use in the park. Here is a link for the bindings:

I could also sell the P10's and get these:
These are more for freestyle, how much better would they be than the P10's
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check out
They ski park, unlike most people here. You'll get better info.

Those pivots are probably the best binding you can have on a park ski.
Most of the major players are on them. Butter smooth release and no prerelease.
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P10's are not racing bindings but they are solid bindings.
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I have a pair of 171 Salomon 1080's w/ 912ti bindings. they are in excellent condition. Asking $250 + shipping.
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Also go and pick up the Freeskiier buyers guid, its out, and they do solid reviews of almost all the twin tips.
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I'll check newschoolers. I went to the shop today, they have fujatives and the look pivots. My brother got some Mojo 70's, good for him maybe but I'm goin for the fujatives.
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