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Accomodations for 6/8 people, Snowbird/Alta/Sandy

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I'm looking for some advice on where to stay this February for my annual ski trip with the guys. There should be around 6-8 of us, and we'll likely ski every day at Alta or Snowbird. We originally tried to rent a condo or house at the top of LCC, near Alta, but had no luck unless we were renting Saturday to Saturday. As a group we don't have a ton of vacation, and will only ski from about Thursday-Monday.

Cliff Lodge is available but a) I'm skeptical about the "high rip off", crap construction factor and b) its too pricey. Can anybody comment on that one?

We've stayed in Park City a few times and done the drive, but we're looking for a closer option.

Does anybody have any recommendations on where to stay? I'm interested in learning more about Sandy, what can I expect there? What is the chance of the road being closed to traffic? Prices? What are the houses like? We're looking for an upscale, nice place, but are not looking to get totally ripped off. All are young 30s, east coast, strong skiers.

If we can't stay in LCC or Sandy, we're probably going to look at Jackson and Whistler as options. Nightlife is not a priority, we want to ski!

Thanks so much to all the locals who can provide any info.
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There are many options for staying in Sandy or SLC, and others may comment on these (or you could try the search option). If nightlife is truly a low priority, then look into one of the lodges at Alta. My friends and I take a boys trip at the end of every January, and we stay at the Goldminer's Daughter Lodge. The accomodations are a little funky, but the value is good, the staff is great, it is (very) close to the slopes, and there is a bar in the lodge. Our group varies in number from 5-9, and we stay in a combination of regular rooms and small suites. Good Luck.
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Staying up in the canyons will give you a special feeling for sure. And I've stayed at the Cliff a number of times(at least 6), but I wouldn't shell out the $$$ again, been there done that and even though I'm older, staying down in Sandy at La Quinta is just fine with me. It's $65/nt. for two with a nice breakfast included, if you stay at the cliff you will pay, alot?, and then have to shell out all extra for your meals, even breakfast will run you over $20. Why bother. The rooftop hot tub/pool is nice though, real nice! And it's a treat to wake up to the booming of the guns going off. You could almost take a quickie out there again for the $$ you'll save down below. Plus, even the ski tickets at the hotel desk are <$50, much cheaper than if you buy up there.

Also, when you stay down in Sandy you will sleep much better at a lower altitude. It's only about 25 min.'s to Snowbird. Spend the extra dough and enjoy a nice, fat dinner, we often go to downtown Salt Lake. Someone here recommended some mexican Iguana restaraunt? and that was good last year, or the Brazilian meat extravaganza is surely good after a hard day in the hills.

Just ask for your rooms close at La Quinta, they treat you real nice.

We haven't had any road problems for a few years, then way back, it seemed like every year for a few there was big snowfalls. It can be a pain, waiting in a mile long line, while everyone is skiing.

You could go around to a Park City resort or Snowbasin that day. Snowbasin for a day is a good choice in any event. Also, if your skiing half a day, try a Big Cottonwood on that day. Nice ride up and it feels a little different up there. You can PM me on any other specifics. Why would you think you "can't stay in Sandy, lots of room."
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Thanks for the responses guys. Any idea of when the last time the LCC road was closed? Does it happen several times a season, or is it more of a backed up traffic situation?
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You may have already done this, but did you try looking at VRBO.com. There seemed to be quit a few rentals for the locations you were looking at and i didn't see any that said Sat-Sat..most were nightly. This coming ski season will be the 3rd time I have used them, and so far I have been happy to deal directly with the owners and not the property management agencies. Plus, you can cut out about $100-200/night. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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Originally Posted by Billd View Post
Any idea of when the last time the LCC road was closed?

The last time it snowed!

Actually, any time you get a good storm, the road will be closed for avalanche control. But for overnight storms, they usually have it open before the lifts open. For the last several years I've done most of my skiing at Snowbasin, but when I used to ski the Cottonwoods more often, I'd say I had a delay getting up the canyons once every ten days, rarely lasting later then 10:00 am.

Your experience may differ!
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You can rent a house/condo in Sandy for cheap considering it's not on the mountain. Last year we rented a house in Big Cottonwood canyon from Mount majestic (www.mountmajectic.com), don't know if they rent in little canyon. But check out Sandy, there are a lot of condos/houses right below the canyons.
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There's some extended stay studio places in Midvale (just off fort union) and also in Sandy. I don't know if they do rooms big enough for all of you, or whether you'd have to get several rooms. The rates are quite good and they have kitchens etc too.
Probably renting for part of a week this far out is the problem. However, Sandy etc is part of a large city, so they're not just for skiiers.
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