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Well, I guess I'll add my take, too. We moved from Loudoun Co (I think that's where you are?) to Southern California in 1998. A lot of people really fussed at us for doing that, saying we were going to ruin our lives and our children's lives. Or something like that. (People back East are really conservative sometimes.) We didn't plan on staying, because we eventually wanted Colorado, which is home, but it was a great 2 years. People out West (I'm generalizing again) are looser and friendlier, and changing places isn't as hard as it might seem.

I think it's difficult to leave family when you have a bunch of preschoolers; I can definitely understand that. But in my experience, LDS kids make GREAT babysitters. Our favorite sitter ever was in Virginia, and she was LDS. The first thing is that they are basically *good* and responsible kids (generalizing again). In addition, you can start with one of the older ones, and then as they get older and busy with high school life, there's always a younger sibling in the wings. So often they have big families, and they are used to babysitting already, because there are so many siblings. At least that's what I've found ...

I know it isn't the same as having family nearby, but for the nuts and bolts of your wife's everyday life (ie, I want to go the grocery store alone!!), I would guess that would be a positive.
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In regards to the thought of "screwing with your childrens' academic and social futures," -- I do agree that the social milieu will affect how children grow up. To think, however, that one who grows up in the Utah school system, public or private, will be disadvantaged socially or intellectually is wrong. (lotta comma splices in that one, and I'm an SLC pub edu product)! Anyway, your kids can get more than enough opportunities out here, and I think they would for one reason: you seem to care very much about their futures. With supportive parenting, children that face "obstacles" (re: not being mormon in a society with mormon adherents) often times become more well rounded because of their experiences.

From experience, my parents had faith in my ability to thrive in as a non-mormon in a Salt Lake suburb. I feel growing up here was nothing but beneficial to my life now. It allows me to be more accepting of others, while still questioning many aspects of life with critical distance and posturing. I have often said to my friends, and my wife, that if we were ever to have children, I would want to raise them in Salt Lake.

Regardless, and this is the last I'll add to this thread unless someone specifically requests my thoughts, I am sure whatever choice you make will be the right one. Good luck.
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It's not a problem unless you really need to score some smack at 4:00 am. If you're worried about the schools/LDS thing try the Avenues, Sugerhouse or 9th&9th neighborhoods. This Mormons are martians stuff gets pretty tiresome... and offensive. Some of my best neighbors and friends are Mormons... and African Americans... and Homos... and Latinos... and (gasp!) Jews... Utah is pretty conservative, I grant that, except downtown SLC and Park City. But it has it's advantages- kids like Ted Ligity are the norm, not a happy exception. My kids are in PC schools and it's really just normal- and safe and sqeaky clean. It's really pretty remarkable. You don't move here for the stimulating culture, of course, I lived my entire adult life in Manhattan before I came here and this sure ain't Tribecca(except during Sundance). But I believe that kids need a safe, healthy environment to grow up in- they can go to the big city for college.
The best idea is Park City, if you're worried about the culture and can afford it.- our real estate prices doubled in the last 18 months, but should'nt go up much more. The SLC real estate is still cheap compared to anywhere but, well, Ohio.
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I echo the comments above. The LDS people I know are real friends, they are good to live amongst, and often you don't know they're LDS until they choose to tell you. As an atheist, I have new respect for their religion, based on what I see amongst the LDS people I've met. They're seriously OK.
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Looking into the possiblility is a good idea. Family wise, living among mormons is not the worst thing you can do to your kids. I live in Mass., my town has a large number of at home parents(mostly moms). As a stay at home partent of, 10 yo, triplets myself, having neighbors with a lifestyle similar to mine is a graet. Having family nearby was a boon for the first year. After that I was more likly not to need or want too much extra help.

This would be a good time to make the move as the kids are little and will make new friends fairly easy.

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Although you've got a lot of comments and advice already, I can probably give you a very close-to-home experience that you can compare with:

In 2001, I was offered an executive position with a Pharma company in SLC. Even though my wife & I were both familiar wuth Utah (lived there 10 years ago), my wife said 'no effing way are we moving to Utah with kids'. Well, I went out there to interview and ended up really liking the opportunity. Realizing that there weren't many other opportunites in the area, I took the job anyway and moved the family out there after 6 months on the job. We have never looked back. My fellow colleages at the company are just like I've seen in any other high tech locale (SF & LA) and are actually FAR more outdoor orriented than in those other places. Work/Life balance is far better and living in PC has been heaven.

I'm actually very happy that people hesitate to move here, as it would be way more crowded otherwise.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab View Post
This Mormons are martians stuff gets [...] offensive. Some of my best neighbors and friends are [...] Homos
This is classic.
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