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funny thing in SKI magazine

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Anyone notice on the directory page to the gear reviews there's a photo of a someone skiing Stockli's but there's not a single mention of them anywhere in the mag?

I thought it was a bit odd.
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I also noticed a write up about a new dual front/rear entry boot that wasn't in the reviews. Maybe they are "telling us something" about those products. That's the problem with only publishing the GOOD reviews. Wasn't there a time they included the duds or is that some dream I had?
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If you read the fine print in Ski or Skiing (same company), it says that they test quite a few more skis than they review. So we only read about the better outcomes. I think Skiing reviewed a couple of Stocklis.
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Last season I emailed SKI and asked why they didn't have reviews of certain skis. They responded that they only included the "Gold" reviews, i.e. the skis that they deem to be the best of the bunch.

Last season I also struck up an email conversation with a rep for Blizzard and asked why their skis were never reviewed in SKI. He made a comment about Blizzard not spending too much money on advertising, but more on product development. I think he was inferring that how much you spend in the magazines "might" affect how much coverage your skis get.

There's a number of great skis (Stockli, Blizzard) that don't get a lot of coverage in the mags. Heck, Elan didn't get much coverage in years past.
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The manufacturers also decide which skis to send (this is why you don't see Atomic B5 reviews). The reviewers also have their own biases, of course (as we all do).
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good point. wonder why they never send out the B5. that ski gets great "reviews" from shops and techs, but it's a bitch to even find for demo.

i encountered a cool thing at a local shop at the end of this season, btw. when i had my AK No Ka Oi's mounted, the techs were flipping out over them. When i went to pick up the skis the owner and i got to talking about "boutique" skis and he said that any time I was interested in a particular ski to check with him. He said that a lot of the smaller companies had been calling him and that he could probably have them send over skis for me to demo. He specifically mentioned Goode. i thought that was kind of cool, considering that he doesn't carry those skis. i know a lot of the smaller companies (PM Gear, for example) will email you and tell you where they are riding on a particular day and then the reps will let you ski their skis (since they're so small they don't have demo models). Ditto for Prior Skis out of Whistler. Except that they actually do a demo tour.

But it is interesting to learn how the companies and magazines "control" the flow of what gets tested and what gets reviewed.
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