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I use Crossfit ( as my main training method (including ski training) and was concerned that my training did not have enough balance aspects and wondered if I should work on this as well. (the thread link below also has a link to an article about Crossfit and Mark Twight in last season's Skiing Magazine).

Here is a link to the entire thread on the forum:

In particular, here is Eva Twardokens (former US Olympic skier) response:
"Posted on Wednesday, September 06, 2006 - 01:41 pm:
In the last few years I have skied less than 20 days a year. I end up racing in a couple races a year against my peers and some people pretty fresh of the FIS circuit. People are pretty amazed when they find out how many days I have skied...usually at that point less than 10, and how well I compete against these gals who are off the circuit and living at a ski area. I give them a run for their money and sometimes even beat them. I prepare by doing CrossFit. Skiing is my SSP. Sure I have the skills of skiing burned into my mind from if you are really hankering for some specific training, do some lateral hops on a good surface and over a safe hurdle....but really, I think tabatas are better for skiing. It is funny, when I was on the US team they paid for my private gymnastic sessions ...had us O-lift ...and do interval training on the track or on a bike....sounds a lot like aaaaaahhhh....CrossFit? Don't waste too much time on the details...what you need in my opinion is right in front of your face! I wish I had this program when I was training for the Olympics.
Eva T."

Just some food for thought about training......