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Park Skis for Kids

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I am buying new skis for my two boys ages 12 (80 lbs) and 14 (140 lbs). They like the twin tips like Salomon Teneighty (Foil, Thruster, Flyer) and Volkl Dogen because they're cool and they like the terrain parks. Question: Are these park skis going to be good for overall skiing (i.e. groomers, bumps, powder, etc.? We ski primarily in Vail.
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The skis will be fine all over the mountain. They will be softer than other skis but they'll ski. I am getting twin tips for my son who is going to even do a couple races on them (it's a good thing he does not care about racing except for the fun factor of going through gates).

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Armada makes a fairly stiff junior twin with vertical sidewalls, the AR3. I'd reckon its probably a better bet for allmountain performance than the K2 Juvy or Salomon Flyer. Plus, it'll give your kids a ton of cred in the park.

Your 14 year old is probably ready for a softer adult twin (Fujative or Thruster) in a ~160 length, especially at 140 lbs.
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