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The Trip is ON!!

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Hi all,

Some of you may have been involved with another thread I started here about a ski road trip I plan next year to Colorado. We have the people, we have the flights and car lined up, but just need some ideas about accomodation.

How much are wee looking to pay for lodgings in Steamboat, aspen, vail, breck etc.

Bearing in mind that we will have transport so if it makes a huge difference we can stay slightly outside the actual resorts and drive in to ski. Obviously, being Scottish we like to partake of a little liquor of an evening, so staying in town is better if possible.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in anticipation of your help


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Johnny Boy,

Sounds great, my kinda crew.

How long are you going to be out here? If it's only a week or so, my advice is to plop your butts down in Summit County, then stay there. You have lots of great skiing that's 15 minutes away. ABasin, Copper, Breckenridge and Keystone. Vail and Beaver Creek are 30 minutes west. Between Vail and Copper, that's over 8000 acres of skiing!

Breck and Frisco are great party towns - lots of bars. But be careful, lots of cops too. Then, if you want, Aspen and Steamboat are less than 2 hours away.

There's some cheapo places to stay in Summit County. When I say cheapo, under $100 per night. I live in Denver, so I don't know the names of places right off hand. A few people who post here do; Bob Barnes and SnoKarver.

So here's what you do. Fly into DIA, then go to Colorado Ski and Golf to rent your equipment if you need to. You can also go to

Get a room in downtown Denver - go check out LODO. If I was single, I'd have my mail delivered there!

Get up the next day and ski Berthoud Pass. Warning. If you're not into off-piste skiing, skip Berthoud Pass. Berthoud Pass is best described as "Out of bounds skiing, in bounds". It rocks!

At the end of the day, drive into Summit County - it's like 40 minutes. Get checked in and go get trashed!

The next day, ski Keystone. You'll be tired and hung-over, so you'll need a breather. Keystone has lots of groomers. Double Black runs at Kestone are Blues at ABasin.

Next day, ABasin. Truly a locales favorite. If it's a nice day, the Beach might be going. Make sure you ski the "Pali" chair. It's called Palavicini, but everyone calls it "Pali". Be sure to check out the "Alleys" off of Pali chair. And, check out the East Wall, which is off of Lenahway (spelling?) chair. And, from the top of Lenahway, it's a short hike to the highest skiable terrain in North America - 13050 feet!

While at the Basin, ask the ski patrol if the T-shirts are ready. Each year, the ski patrol makes really cool tie dyed T-shirts --they're the best. Bring cash. All the money goes to the ski patrol, not to a corporation. You might even ride up a chair with someone willing to share their "Basin vitamins" "Rocky Mountain high, Colorado..."

Then go ski Breck. I've never skied there, but SnoKarver is an instructor there - check him out, he rips. Hang out in Breck. Lots of cool places - time to get trashed again! SnoKarver likes good bourbon. I hate it when that happens

Then go to Copper - I'd do 2 days there. All kinds of great skiing there - about 2800 acres. Go back to Copper Bowl. And be sure to hit the Alpine chair, no one ever goes over there. Spaulding bowl is also nice and if you like bumps, Resolution Bowl is nothing but. There's even a snow cat that'll get you to the "Taco". I kind of think it's overrated, but you may want to do it just to say you did. You'll still need to do a little hiking though. It takes me 20 minutes from where the cat drops off. Lots of great cruisers at Copper and the apres ski is pretty good too.

I'd do 5 days at Vail and Beaver Creek. 3 at Vail and Blue Sky, 2 at "The Beav".

At Vail, make sure you go with someone who knows the mountain. People either hate or love Vail. The ones who hate it spend all their time looking at trail maps and getting tossed into traverses. The ones who love it, know the mountain - we go right by everyone looking at the maps. I know it pretty well and I ski with a guy who knows every inch of it. He's even mapped it out!

Make sure you ski Chair 11, North and South Rims. The Back Bowls are great, ski all of them. Go to Blue Sky Basin. In Blue Sky, you really can't go wrong where ever you are, but I like Earl's lift. From Earl's lift, you can ski Champagne Glade and all the terrain the Lover's Leap serves. I'd spend one day at Blue Sky.

Then it's off to "the Beav", Beaver Creek. It doesn't get any posher than the Beav and you have to see it. There's escalators that take you up to the chair (practically). The on-mountain bath rooms are heated and have running water! Unbelievable amenities there. The people watching is great.

Strawberry Park has some nice glades. Centennial lift serves up some nice groomers. My favorite though is Grouse Mountain lift. Why? Because my favorite skiing is there - Royal Elk Glades. In Royal Elk, the trees are just far enough apart so you can miss 'em and close enough to make you really nervous. I just love it there. And, Grouse also serves up some lovely bump runs. The Beav has some great apres ski - it's fun!

Get up early the next day and drive back to DIA. Make sure you have a late flight so you can ski Berthoud Pass again. You probably missed some stuff the first time. Get a "Berthoud Bad Ass" T-shirt.

So that's 12 days of skiing and lots of partying. Make sure you're up for it, better start training now...

If you have more time, pick up and go to Steamboat or Aspen and spend a few days there. Never skied there so I can't comment. I've heard Aspen Highlands rips...One of these days soon I'll stop in and see what the fuss is about.

So, what's in this for me

All the best,<FONT size="1">

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Just remember also - the SouthWest is Steeper, Deeper, Cheaper and less crowded. Crested Butte, Wolf Creek, Telluride & Taos (New Mexico).

Again - steeper, cheaper, deeper and less crowded.
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Dammm,SCSA needs a free ticket for that post and some brewhaas.
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A great place to look for deals is I found some really good discount recommendations for Colorado. Worth a look.

Deep yogic breaths...
~Minker <FONT size="1">

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Johnny Boy,

If you think you're going to pay $30 to $40 a night, well, Johnny Boy, better start start working nights.

You might be able to get like a 2 bedroom condo or room, for under $200 that sleeps something like 5. But $30 bucks a night for a room! LOL LOL LOL! Whadda you been drinking!

In the last issue of Inside Tracks, they did a "Sleeping Cheap" piece. If you don't have a subscription, maybe you can order a reprint. Their email is Or their fax number is 401-846-7443
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If you put 4 people in a room, at $40 each, that's $160/night for the room. That's doable. You never said how many people you are traveling with, did you?
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As rated by Ski Magazine:

The Top 10: Terrain
1. Jackson Hole, WY
2. Whistler/Blackcomb, BC
3. Mammoth Mountain, CA
4. Alta, UT
5. Vail, CO
6. Snowbird, UT
7. Squaw Valley, CA
8. Aspen Highlands, CO
9. Big Sky, MT
10. Arapahoe Basin, CO

The top 10: Snow
1. Grand Targhee, WY
2. Alta, UT
3. Snowbird, UT
4. Solitude, UT
5. Aspen Highlands, CO
6. Jay Peak, VT
7. Arapahoe Basin, CO
8. Brighton, UT
9. Kirkwood, CA
10. Jackson Hole, WY

The Top 10: Challenge
1. Jackson Hole, WY
2. Snowbird, UT
3. Mad River Glen, VT
4. Squaw Valley, CA
5. Mammoth Mountain, CA
6. Whistler/Blackcomb, BC
7. Alta, UT
8. Taos, NM
9. Arapahoe Basin, CO
10. Aspen Highlands, CO

Notice that ABasin makes every list; #9 on the most challenging list. Vail makes one.

Telluride, Taos and Crested Butte all charge more for a ticket than any of the areas I mentioned but Vail.
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SCSA that is some serious advice my man!! Thanks a lot. We will only have a few days at each resort (at most) so advice about the better runs is invaluable.

We kind of have a route sorted out in our minds - Steamboat, Aspen, Vail?Beav, then hole up in Breck to ski the summit county resorts, so I guess I can apply your knowledge to that choice too.

$100 a night is cheap?! Is that per person?! I was expecting / hoping to pay maybe $30 - $40 a night tops. I wouldn't expect to pay much more than that anywhere in Europe on a road trip. We are looking at motels I guess, or dodgy roach infested ex-brothels by the sound of things. Damn, that is expensive!

BobB, SnoKarver, how much room do you guys have on your couch?

Keep the advice and tips coming everyone, it's great to get all this knowledge!...


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Don't forget about the great Northwest.

After de-planing in the rain you get to drive 2 hours in it to your cheapest of digs.
You can't get cheaper than sleeping in your car in the parking lot.

You can't get 86'd by uptight bartenders either.

Making the 15 mile drive to the nearest store(if it's open) when you run out of Schmidtie-Pops is way more adventurous than any Colorado nightlife could ever hope to be.

The next morning you get to ski 1500 vert. in 15 fresh inches of beautiful untracked sopping sleet. Catching air off the guy's wake in front of you is amazing fun, just watch out for roostertails. Hook up with some locals, they all know green wax is the best wax for days like this.

Hit the road that night, drive to the next parking lot bonfire keg to dry your clothes and hook up with passed out teenage snowboard chicks. Wake up to ski solidly frozen, tracked out slush. This is a perfect park-day. Nothing like frozen solid landings to teach you to stick all your jumps.

After a week or two of this you will be in shape. THEN go down to Colorado or Utah and ski the pants off all those condo sleepin', club dancin', 3.2 drinkin', champagne skiin' wusses.

You'll be the studs of every mountain. Downin' that 3.2 like it's water. Rippin' that 3% pow like it's not even there (what a waste!) All the locals go in at 11:00 down there anyway, cuz the snow gets 'too heavy' for them.

Come on up to the Northwest, the only skiing 'fit for a Scot!'

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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Doable = do-able = able to be done = yes, you can do that

You guys should be fine for $120-$160/night, as long as you look into putting 4 in a room of 2 queen sized beds (2 to a bed, so take that for what it's worth).

You may also want to look into 2 and 3 bedroom condos. Sometimes, these can be cheaper. Plus, you'll end up with some sort of small kitchen, so you can eat breakfast there and make your lunch if you want. That'll save you some money. The other advantage of a 2-3 bedroom condo, is that it'll have a living room, usually with sofas and a fireplace, to chill out, watch some tv at night or between skiing and partying. And your whole group will be in one place, so making plans and having fun is a bit easier. I'm pretty sure you would be able to swing one for $300/night ($2000/week). I would bet you could find a bunch of 2-3 bedroom places at Breck for $2k/week. Maybe even ski in/out???

You'll also want to look into discount lift tickets if you haven't already done that.
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Whoa, Roto, that's some serious talking my friend! And what in the name of the Lord almighty is 3.2? And why would I drink it when I can knock back cool crisp lager?

Anyway, thanks for the tip. By the way, you should dome ski with me at Glenshee. Sounds like you'd enjoy the flat rains...

JohnH, thank God for you. I was panicking and considering cancelling the trip having read previous posts about accom prices. 2/3 bedroom condos sound ideal, but I don't know how to go about finding/booking them.

I've done a lot of organising so far so I may let someone else deal with the accomodation side of things.



Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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You can find all of the info you need on the web. Go to Breck's we site, and I'd bet you a paycheck that there is a link to local accomodations. Check out all of them. Ask them what's available for your dates. I've gone this route for 2 of my trips to Whistler, a trip to Squaw Valley, a couple of trips to Mt Snow, VT, a trip to Crested Butte as well as a trip to the British Virgin Islands. I've always been able to find very good accomodations at good prices and all of the pertinant info, such as exactly where the place is on the mountain, pictures of room interiors, etc. But NEVER make the reservations over the net. You'll get better prices if you call, and you'll be assured of availability and can ask questions to a human being. A lot of times, if you stay on or near the hill, the place you stay at can get you discounted lift tickets.

Also, 3.2 beer is 3.2% alcohol beer. Basically watered down pi$$ water, poor excuse for beer. The bars at the big resorts usually (not always) have good selections of beer. But be prepared for the sticker shock - $4-$5 for a mug of brew ain't cheap. Try all the local micro brews. Some of them are pretty darn good.
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Surf the web. like JohnH says it's very do able.
after you find some accomadations you thing you might like, call ahead now. Sometimes they can offer you better pricing if you ask early. If they have an agency handling their property call the managment company. See if they other properties that are maybe not ski in ski out but centrally located and may be cheaper. Also look at the amenities. You might find that two properties have the almost the same offering but one comes with free breakfast for instance or private hot tubs at the same price. It's usually cheaper to get more rooms in the same unit with multiple beds than 2 or 3 seperate units so keep that in mind. Also some condos don't alway some with daily house keeping and may be cheaper because of it. If new towels and cleanings are important to you, don't over look this.

It's good you are planning this far in advance. your options are much better when you can plan this far ahead. I signed contracts for our 2002 Whistler trip in May. 34 people. We got the price down to 925.00 USD for a week of skiing with air, 5day lifts and lodging.
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For that many people, a condo/house is bound to be cheaper/better than hotels. You might have better luck getting a good deal if you don't use a lodging bureau that collects 40 to 50% of your money. Consider going direct from the owner. You might be able to negotiate a good rate if you're there for more than a week...
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Also try, they have alot of rental properties in Summit County and they usually have decent rates for condos.
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Johnny Boy,
From KimA try or

Good luck, Maybe I'll join you for some runs and brew if the schedules work out. Keep us informed.

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Sorry for the confusion. There will be 7 or 8 of us travelling together. Say two rooms. So $40 each is $160 per room per night.


SCSA, you are about the best advert for colorado skiing, they should pay you to do this.



Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Johnny boy,

Why not try a travel agent. Package airfare, ground, lift tickets, etc. I think you could save a lot and live much better going that route.

Trying to put 4 or 5 people in a hotel room that comfortably holds two people, how much fun can that be while on vacation. The idea is to enjoy yourself. Of course maybe that is enjoyment.

Aspen is great restaurant and bar town, but expensive, almost like going to Paris, but the people are nicer.

Anyway, see what packages you can arrange. You might be surprised at how much value there might be doing it that way.

Anyway I hope your trip provides for everyone lots of ......

Happy Skiing!
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Thanks again everyone - more great info.
Condos sound like they might be the way forward - we'll certainly be looking into getting one for the second week in Breckenridge from where we will go to the surrounding resorts.

However, the first week is more like 2 days at each place. I'll check those sites etc that you all suggested.

Bong, I'd love to meet up with you and any of the other bears in the area - I'll keep posting right up till then so you'll be well informed!


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JohhnyBoy, we have a condo that we sometimes rent out if we are not using. typically sunday-fridays. it is in summit county. Not within walking distance to town though so you would want a car, it is on the shuttle, but takes for ever. Let me know what dates your thinking and if your interested, maybe we can work out a rate.
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That's a very generous offer, thank you!

Unfortunately, I think our group will be 8 people, maybe 9.

But if any of you have or know of any nice big condos (preferably with outdoor hot tubs!) in Breckenridge, please let me know.


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And welcome to Summit County - when you do finally arrive!

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Hey Johnny Boy,
Sounds like an ace trip!

I'd second Wink's suggestion of trying a travel agent. I spent ages trying to plan a four week trip to Vail/Beaver Creek myself and it turned out to be a lot cheaper with an internet travel agent - they got me 4 weeks catered chalet accommodation including flights from UK, airport transfers and insurance for £2000. OK it's a lot of money but considering that includes single supplements as I'm on me todd I reckon it's a fair bargain. I looked into hiring a car but Vail and Beaver Creek are less than 10 minutes by free bus and there's also a bus to Breck, Keystone (and onto ABasin) for only $10.

Whatever you decide just get it booked so you can get properly excited and irritate all your friends and family by going ON and ON about it!

I'll be there for the whole of January so I'll keep on the look out for a bunch of plastered Scots!!

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