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Unfortunately, effective immediately we will no longer be able to take sign-ups from Hotmail and Yahoo e-mail accounts. Those systems do not have any user validation mechanisms. As a result, they are widely used by SPAMmers to sign up here. Also, many Hotmail and Yahoo accounts expire from disuse, and then we can no longer reach the member. Note: this does not effect current members with these e-mail accounts, but please make sure to keep them current.

Google mail is also free, and has validation systems (sign up using your mobile phone here). There are others, as well, of course.

Also, please make sure your e-mail account as listed in your profile is active so that when we send you e-mail you receive it. That e-mail account cannot be viewed by members, Supporters, or Moderators. Only the site administrators can see your e-mail address, but others can send you e-mail if you set that option (which we recommend you do).

Thank you for your attention and understanding.