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Cosmiques Couloir TR

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New Years Day has always been a day to go up the Aiguille.
No one but hungover tourists up at the top....not much sun but ok visability...we had been looking at the Glacier Rond for a while now and with flingle back in town I thought we might have a go....skied round to descover 5cm of windpack on ice.....not today thanks...but the Cosmiques couloir is right next to it and a lot more sheltered.

A bit of work getting in....2 rapels with skis on and one long one with skis on packs.

Almost knee deep wind deposited powder....very nice...the central rock band that used to be just anoying is now 5m high in places, but if you walk on a few rocks you can still get through.

Out onto the Bossosns Glacier is were the fun begins, weaving through the first seracs flingle finds a slot...about a meter wide and very deep, here he is crawling out of it...very lucky he just broke through.

Form here on down we roped up...sometimes using heavy anchors..behind you can see the widswept slopes of Mont Blanc Du Tacul

Some of the seracs were a bit of a pain to get round, this one the cover was a bit thin

The real mission began at the end of the glacier as we had to bootpack up about 200m vertical where noone had been since last season, brakable crush and shite, compounded by hangovers.....at long last we made it back to midstation

Skiing out to the tunnel next time...hopefully.
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Nice photos!
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Looks like a fabulous way to start the new year.

Well done.

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A good bit of advertising for Natives as well.

Have a great season,

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Ambitious early season descent. Lucky the glacier did not swallow ya all. Nooise pic non the less.
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