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What size 06/07 Gotamas?

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick opinion question, especially for anyone who has already skied the new 06/07 Gotamas.

I'm planning to order a pair this season for a new backcountry and big mountain ski. I'm mounting them up with the new Fritschi Freeride Plus.

But I can't decide on the size. I'm not a huge guy (5'9" 155-160lbs during ski season), but I can power skies and I ski pretty hard. I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I live in Winter Park and put in 100+ days a year, so the skies will get more than occasional use.

I'm thinking of getting the 183 Gotamas, knowing the Volkl measures material and they will end up being more like 179 in a standard tip-to-tip measurement. But I don't know if that will be too big and maybe I should go for the 176 instead.

I ski a K2 Work Stinx for my tele ski, but that's pretty short (167) and a Volkl Karma for my usual alpine ski in a 177 (and I love that one, although I've thought about selling it and getting the 169 instead).

Any thoughts?
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Climbinjunkie: If you're considering trading your 177 Volkl Karma's (a thinner and more maneuverable ski) for 169's, why would you consider the Gotama's in a 183?

I haven't skied the Gotama, but this year's version, by all accounts, is the beefiest yet. From what you've said, it appears you may enjoy the 179 more - regardless of the turned-up tail.

Last year I made the mistake of buying the Sugar Daddy in a 183 (I'm 6 feet, 200 lbs, level 8). 183 cm sounded like a slam-dunk. It wasn't. Peter Keelty's review was correct - the 183's are best for muscle-laden pros, unless you're heli-skiing or ripping huge sweeping turns.

I've since sold them and bought 173's.

If you read TGR, the few people admit to skiing anything less than 185-190. For real rippers and big dudes, those are good sizes. But for many, I'm guessing it's a point of pride.

Regardless of your strength and skill, 155-160 isn't massive.

I regretted going too long.
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I skied last years Gotamas in a 176. I'm 6'1" and 190lbs. I used them for backcountry and big mountain, as well as for the groomed and occasionally even park (though they're definitely not a park ski). I consider myself a fast, aggressive skier.

For me, the 176 was too short in the BC. A 183 would have been a better size given my weight and height.

Another point to note, I got 97 days use out of them last season, and they're pretty much bulletproof. I'm considering buying this years gotama in a 190 and keeping them purely for heliskiing and backcountry. It's gonna be either them or the sumo's
........<drool>.....sumos.......... arghagrhagrhgarhgahrgha...............
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Originally Posted by Captain_Strato View Post
Regardless of your strength and skill, 155-160 isn't massive.
Clarification: 155 to 160 pounds (not cm).
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gotamas ski shorter than the mantra
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Thanks for the input guys. I was considering the 183 more for stability, but the more I think about it, I've never had stability issues on the Karma's, and I know the Gotamas are a much larger platform. If 183 is good for Chris at 6'1" and 190lbs, then I'm pretty sure I'm going for the 176 for me. Thanks again
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I'm 5'8", 184 lbs and am on the 06-07' 183 Gotama.

Mrs. HarkinBanks is 5'5", 135 lbs and is on an 04-05' 176 Gotama.

The 06-07 Gotama's ski shorter than the previous years Gotama's.

Also, two years ago I was on a 185 Karma. It skied short for me.

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