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Bad news at Sunday River

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Where do these crazies come from?? Unbelievable...

I've followed the news from Sunday River for the last day or so after a call from a friend. Another goofball goes wacko and kills four people who helped him and leased a room to him. He worked as a cook at another B&B in Bethel, ME - a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere.

I met Selby at the local hardware store a few summers ago just after she and her mother sold property in CT or ? (don't recall exactly where) after her husband's death. They were just moving into a B&B (Black Bear) they purchased and were looking forward to a simpler life and meeting the people who they would host at the inn. What a breath of fresh air she was - very friendly and immediately fit right in.

Over the weekend this moron kills one of the other tenants on Friday, the mother on Sunday, and the daughter and a friend on Monday. Not enough to kill them, he mutilates the bodies. Selby's daughter now has no parent.

What the hell is wrong with people?? Sheesh.
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I'm playing golf next week at the new Sunday River Golf course which is spectacular but won't be venturing too far in the woods looking for my ball after an errant shot......
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Here is the story:

Good heavens! We have stayed at that place with our dog!
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Yes, this has been a real tragedy for our little town. The victims are sorely missed. Police have yet to discuss motives and this somehow makes it even harder. The reason for the initial killing of another house-guest remains unclear. It appears that the subsequent three killings developed only in order to cover up any evidence and leave no witnesses.

Memorial services have been taking place and the town is settling back to normal, but this event will be long remembered as will the unfortunate victims.
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