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looking for my one and only - new skis after 8 years...

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hi -
i'm dying out here. i'm on a family budget and need the great one ski to do it all. i spend my time skiing primarily in central oregon with a little break in north shore tahoe now and then. i'm a long-time full cert ex instructor and spent several years coaching so i'm strong.
now i have a 5 year old shredder and a 16 month old chomping at the bit - so i don't get to ski off piste as much as i'd like, but i definitely need something that can handle the oregon 'powder'. i've always been on long,fast boards (before the xscream was the k2 GS race), and before that the rossi 7X (?). so i need that incredible out of bounds ski that can arc a gs turn and be fun linking short ones too...

a shop owner was selling me on the k2 one luv, but other things i've read posted make me worry. i'm probably an ebay buyer, maybe a used demo so i won't be able to try much.
i'm 5'5", 135, woman and fit.

any suggestions would be a great help.
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Welcome to Epic mom2rippers. Atomic Metrons are a favorite @ Bachy.
Volkl skis are also a common sight. See you on the hill.
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What is your budget?
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probably between 4-700 on ebay. i seem to be able to find just about anything in that range, i'm over the fact that they won't be absolutely brand new.
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Here ya go.

NEW Atomic Metron M:9 M 9 Red Skis 164 & Bindings

US $379.99

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Since the One Luv is 68mm under foot it may not be that great for Oregon Powder. I think you would be happier with something a little wider. But it is a great ski. I know very strong women skiers who have the One Luv and they rave about the skis ability to handle a lot of different terrain with ease.
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You may want to check out this thread "Chicks with Quivers"

From your requirements I would suggest Volkl AC4 Unlimited in 163 length. As long as its not HARD PACK this ski is awesome. Even in hard pack the AC4 is not bad just not GREAT. The turning ratio is 14.4 for 163 length which is awesome carver on groomers for a ski that is 82mm wide under the boot. With the 82 mm width this is a descent ski for out deep powder. This ski comes with rails for Motion Marker bindings or flat so you can mount any binding. The AC4 is an awesome ski for the price. If you buy the AC4 flat (no rails) they can be had in the $300 range.

FYI my quiver is Volkl 5 stars (68mm waist), Volkl AC4 (82mm waist), and older Rossi B3 (95mm waist). The Rossi B3 have AT Fritsche bindings.

To truly satisfy your requirements of backcountry deep powder and link short turns you will need more than one ski in your quiver just like them other chicks.
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What Catskills said is pretty much what I'd say
The M9 might be good, but I'd go to the AC4 or maybe AC3.
We ski in Michigan which is hard pack most of the time and the those skis are fun all the time!
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Perhaps a Dynastar Legend 8000 or Head Monster 82.
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I was also thinking about the Volkl AC4. Maybe the Dynastar Legend 8000 too.
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thanks everyone! i'll definitely keep these in mind. we don't get much true hardpack out here (not at all like east coast snow), more like groomed packed powder, not too hard but definitely enough to make strong turns.

anyone have any take on the different metrons?
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