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Is climate change in your quiver?

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Long believed in global warming, but for the first time this fall find myself factoring it into new equipment lusts. Partly because last spring at Tahoe, we started the week on scrape and old chop, ended it with new Sierra Cement up to our knees. Spent a few days at Snowbird in February navigating heavy chop in a near blizzard, while 2 stopover day trips to Summit County yielded heavy pow one day and ice a lot like I ski at Killington a week later. Year before that at Aspen and Vail, skied 9 days on previous week's rapidly melting leftovers. Year before that...you get the idea. It's been a while - as in a decade - since my buddies and I had enjoyed a run of any one kind of snow, let alone pow. Could just be a long stretch of weird luck, but I'm thinking we may need to accept crud and ice as normative, powder as a morning blessing to locals.

Anyone else out there beginning to look at trip skis more for their veratility in stiff chop and less for their float in a foot of smoke?
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That's funny, cuz in my travels to JH, Alta/Brighton/Solitude, and Colo (Breck/Keystone) last season, as well as many days in Tahoe, plus a closing July weekend in Mammoth, I found that I encountered more powder days than I ever have and actually yearned for something a bit wider than my 94 waisted Mantras.

I would say that you've just had a string of weird luck. Although I did take my Karmas to Colo (end of their season in late April) and loved those on the crustified upper bowl runs). My Mantras held well in knee deep powder in both Tahoe and Utah, though they were a little sketchy on some of the lower mountain scraped off "ice" at Solitude two days after a nice dumping in early March.

All in all, I would just say that you managed to hit all the resorts' bad snow as a result of bad karma or something.

That said, I have thought about the whole traveling with skis aspect as it's a chore to lug 3 pairs with you for a weekend in JH (which I did to ride the final tram...ended up only taking my Mantras). Ditto for traveling to Colo (only took my Karmas).

Basically, I just checked online the day before I left, looked at the weather reports and chose the most appropriate ski from my quiver knowing full well if it wasn't the right one I could always demo.

You might want to consider that. Demoing when you travel might end up being cheaper than plunking down $800 or so for a ski you might only use once or twice a year.
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there may be more snowfall but it will melt more quickly. Changing the consistency rather quickly.
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