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Rossi B4

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These ski's rock!! There a 179 W/ Fritschi Randone bindings bought them new last year. Great for backcountry, I used them in the wasatch where the powder is the deepest. I can,t tell you how well they ride under fast deep powder cond. Asking 700.00 Thanks for looking
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Dude dax u r cool
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I'll take them for $500 and a night with your mother.
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700 pesos
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earlier today i was going to post something funny but thought "no why rain on the guys sale"
but now:

does your sister know you are selling her skis?
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how bout 700 reals

ok - seriously - Im confused - perhaps even scared for the guy - why did Dax repost and call himself a cool dude? Does the first dax know what the second dax did? Do the dax's talk? Do they IM each other? Where are the site monitors - we may have a 5150....


karma - please look past me
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Dax was bumping his thread. Dax your price seems very high for a new and especially a used ski. The binding are a nice BC set up so maybe rethink your price and /or take offers and see what happens.
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Bumping three minutes after placing it...? ok - just a bit edgey - bored - need snow... soon...
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he wasnt bumping his thread... he just didnt want it to look like his first post was to sell something. so now that he has a whopping TWO posts he's allowed to overcharge for his skis
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Originally Posted by Kuma View Post
Bumping three minutes after placing it...? ok - just a bit edgey - bored - need snow... soon...
Wow I guess so .I overlooked that .Dax chill dude. If you need to sell them fast try Craigslist or TGR also and someone might bite. Fix that price dude. I got Squads and Axials for less than that. New.
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