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Last Run

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Well thats it , last tracks were on Friday at Louise . Had to pull the boat out to BC for the summer and drive by Louise on the way so I took my gear along and made a few runs , got some hilarious looks with a boat behind the truck at a ski area .
Ya all have a good summer now " EH ".
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A buddy and I use to go skiing after work on Fridays. Make the last round to the mill and up the hill in our log trucks. 10-4
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Last spring we had an unusually warm day April 13th. Probably about 65, and not a cloud in the sky. We decided to go water skiing. We had to go out on Lake Superior, since all the inland lakes were still iced over. Water temp: 36 degrees. We had some thick wetsuits and it wasn't that bad..... except for the feet! Anyway, after leaving the lake, we went directly to Marquette Mountain and downhill skied the remainder of the day.
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Ahhhhhh, the PNWet it a lovely place. All summer I have to decide whether to snow ski or water ski. Or maybe do both, hit the snow early leaving by say 11:00 am then down to the Willamette for a picnic followed by some wakeboarding. I might even fit in an hour two hike in the old growth on the way home from the mountain.

I am ready, how about you?

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