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a little help getting unstuck here!

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Alright, im a little stuck in choosing some new goggles for the new season...

what im stuck between is the spy orbit and dragon foil...

if anyone has any info on either (pros/cons), opinions, personal reviews, or just anything that will help in my descion it would be much appreciated!

Or possibly if there is other goggles out there you guys would recommend that i could check out too... (im kinda hooked on the dome lens' though i think they look sick)
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WOW they are expensive eye products.

My googles I got on sale at the end of the season for $13 and have worked great in white out conditions for 4 years now. If I purchased an expensive pair I would probably break the lens the first year.
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i found the orbits didn't fit helmets very well but the lens was awesome, try the soldier instead?
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I like my electric EG1's. One full season and no scratches on the lens. Never fog, fit great, and very comfortable.
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I use Smith gogges- couldn't tell which model from there site...they have silver reflective lenses, clear blue frame with a piece of plastic that holds the strap a short distance away from the frame. You probably don't know what I'm talking about, but you've seen them, haha. Nice googles, I've had them for three years and counting.
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