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Whiteface area tuning

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Hi all;
Hope everyone is having a good summer!
A friend asked me to recommend a good shop in the Whiteface/LP area for tuning. He's been getting belt tunes, (YOW!), and is in despirate need of a shop to return his skis to good condition. After getting them back in shape, I can help him with waxing and side edge upkeep, etc.
I'm a Gore skier, so I don't know that region well, as I only ski Whiteface a couple of times during the season.

Thanks all!
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Depending on where you are coming in to whiteface from. If you are coming from the 87 northway and exiting to tak 73 to whiteface I would highly reccomend getting the work done at the Mountaneer in Keene Valley. By my house and I know they know what they are doing.
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Cunningham's ski barn in downtown Lake Placid, ask for Mike, and explain the problem and he'll fix it for you. Been going there for years.
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Mountain & Boardertown is decent too . . .
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