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$99Cdn shipped for these in a ski bag..That is $65/70 for me for the skis.I throw in the bag.Canada/Cont.U.S. I'ld keep them in my large quiver but I already have a couple of other pairs like them..although not new..umounted like these.These are only going to continue to sit hidden away. I'd rather see them go someone into skiing..and the Epicski community.They will sell on Ebay in ski season.Yes..there are still people into straight skis.The problem is that almost all of the straight skis left out there..especially those for sale..are beat.Sure you can get them for free..and .01..then they are nothing at all like when they were new.New ones are just becoming literally impossible to get if you want them.These are the Equipe,Geant,World Cup model.They are also the 60th anniversary model.Maybe the last of the VR27 straight skis made.I am guessing mid 1990's.I know that Dynamic made the VR27 until 1997(I have a pair of the SL's)..this model..I am not 100% sure.Right up there with the very stiffest(in the tail) skis I have had.These are 200cm. Post/pm/email me..Thanks..Arnold