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Equipment question for young racer

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I posted a thread about this mid last season in gear forum but he stuck to his old skis so here I ask again.

I have a 10 year old (born -96) son who needs new skis for coming season. He now skis on Dynastar Team Omeglass 130 cm, a soft capped ski without a plate but with a plastic lifter. In GS he has the Dynastar Course Comp 147 cm with a standard plate.

I’ve been thinking of Head SL Team with plate, Ross 9s with same plactic lifter as he has today, both in 130 cm or Dynastar Team Omeglass Comp in 136 cm (shortest available) with autodrive plate. He tested all three last season but only for a couple of runs and thought all seemed good. He has been skiing very well with his old Dynastar and all of the rest of the family is skiing Dynastar so the new Dynastar would be a natural choice. I’m a little bit worried though that 136 cm could be to long?

In GS I think we stick with the 147 cm Dynastar this season at least to start with. Or should we go up to 156 cm (same radius).

He is 145 cm (57 inch) and weighs about 37 Kg (81 lb). A little light, but a good and aggressive skier.

Any thought and suggestions? How much does the ski brand, length (a few cm here or there) really matter? If I ask him he has trouble to separate them. If I ask coaches or salespersons in the racingstore they all suggest different skis.

Here are a couple of videos of his last competitions last year to see his ability:

SL http://www.skiteam.se/filmer/Rosskno...06_Seb_ak3.mpg
SL http://www.skiteam.se/filmer/Rosskno...06_Seb_ak2.mpg
GS http://www.skiteam.se/filmer/Seb_LVC-Final_GS_ak1.mpg
GS http://www.skiteam.se/filmer/Seb_kungsberget_GS_ak2.mpg

What about inspection skis? Up until now he has inspected, and made a few warm up runs, with old SL skies. Especially in GS I think he would do better if he could make a few practice runs on the same type of GS skis he will race in. Maybe we should get a second pair of GS skis?

Any other thoughts or pointers about junior racing?

Thanks in advance!
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I really don't know a lot about junior skis, and i know even less about coaching juniors of that age. I will try to give you some help since no one else seems to be jumping on it. Given your son's size he should really stick with the brands that have a softer flex, so that he does not get into a ski that is too much for him. I don't know what rules he has to abide by in terms of length and sidecut, but make sure that whatever equipment you purchase conforms with those rules. The Dynastar's sound like a good fit - especially if your son is comfortable skiing on them. Traditionally they ski quite soft. Rossignol is also another 'soft ski' option.

Regarding the slip skis... Some racers swear by it and some racers/coaches despise it. The reason for the disliking of slipping skis is that they are not the skis that the racer will be racing on. They are rarely skied and often have a different flex pattern (from lack of use) than their practice skis. This can cause some serious unfamliarity with the skis on race day. If he needs slip skis to be competitive you might be able t get away with using his older equipment. Often racers who cannot afford two brand new pairs of skis every year take this route. In my opnion, practicing on your race skis is the best situation in most cases (unless you're on the WC). If he can use his older GS skis to slip on so he doesn't ruin the tune and wax on the race pair then I would suggest that route. Then you know he will not be unfamiliar with his actual race-day skis.



BTW, your son is a talented racer and I was very impressed with his skiing (could only get the GS clips to work - wrong codec for the SL ones). Anyone reading this thread should make the effort to download and watch those videos. I suspect that within a few years he is REALLY going to rip - even more than he does now. His skiing (especially at such a young age) might make a good instruction section topic just to show off what junior racers are capable of.
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Thanks for your reply Greg.

The codecs for the four videos should be the same and the regular simple windows media player should work fine. Please try again.

I can not ski for him, heck he’s 10 times better than me. But what I can do is try to give him suitable and well tuned equipment. I know that he should use skis with softer flex but when I talk to people they all seem to tell different things and that’s annoying. I would like to go to the big chart on the internet and put in size, weight and a short movie of him skiing and get an answer like “The absolutely best ski for him is X in X cm”. But maybe it isn’t so black and white. Maybe we just need to decide and then practice, practice to get used to the new skis. If I don’t here some advice against it we probably will go with the Dynastar Team Omeglass Comp in 136 cm http://www.dynastar.com/product.php?id_seg=&id_product=630&id_dyn_category =2&id_dyn_segment=65&acturub=1&id_dyn_target=

I was thinking that he should alternate between the old and the new GS skis (if we decide to get the same ski and length). Every second training session and competition he would use his old skis. And on race day he could inspect and do warm ups on the other pair. You think he’s going to feel the difference between his old and new skis? How much does the flex change after one season of use? The other alternative is to do it the way you described. Race and practice only on the new skis and do the warm ups and inspection on the old ones. I’ve got the impression though that skis just get faster and faster over time because of all the extensive waxing and brushing.

Thanks for your encouraging words. He’s going to be glad when I tell him.
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I wish I had skied like that when I was 10. Excellent turns. He is going to be insanely good in 5-6 years.

I know about as much as Greg about junior skis, I'm sorry.

(The SL clips worked fine for me...)
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