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Gear reviews

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Is there anyway to include an area like www.mtbr.com where gear reviews are posted according to brand name and year. I have found that searching for good individual reviews for ski gear is not easy. An area where multiple people can post a review for the same product would be fantastic and might help draw people to this sight. Just my 2 cents.
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We are actually working on a method of doing exactly what you describe. Finding a standard format and location for our reviews has been a long-time goal for us, so expect to see soemthing like this built into the forums in the future. I am sure that ssh will have more to add to this as he is the man in charge, but I can tell you that it is in the works and has been recently discussed. Thanks for the input and please feel free to add any ideas you have for features that should be included.
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It is in the works and I agree 100%, great format!
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