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Dobermann 130 Canting

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A little background info: when standing with my feet at waist width and dropping a plumb line from the center of my kneecaps, the plumb falls on the floor 1/2" inside my arch. The measurement is about the same for both legs.

After skiing in Lange Comp 120 MF's for the past two years, I brought home a pair of Dobermann 130's. I am thrilled with the fit but have a problem with the canting adjustment. The Nordica literature states that the boot is designed with a +1 degree cant and adjustable from 0 to +2 degrees. When performing the same measurement in the 130's in the 0 degree position, the plumb falls over the center of my instep. Now what?

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I believe you're confusing canting and cuff alignment- the adjustment in the ankloe region of the boot is cuff alignment, and it probably adjusts from 0*-2*. The angle of the bottom of the boot is canting- and it sounds like it comes from the factory at 1*. Go see a bootfitter.
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To confound matters a lot of boots used to call the cuff alignment canting adjustment in their literature and in some cases on the boot itself.
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Also, measuring your alignment is a pretty fine process and a 1 degree error is significant. Plus, the center of mass of the knee must be located precisely and a good bootfitter will have the proper tools and methods.
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