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Video Equipment

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I am thinking about picking up something to record video with to capture some of the good times and as a training tool. I'm curious what those of you that do this a lot suggest.

The two choices I seem to have are Mini-DV and DVD based recorders. What are the pros and cons of each of these? Any skiing related issues? Ideally I would like something that had decent battery life, good picture quality, simple to use, and small enough to carry around in a jacket or small pack.

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I have had good luck with my SONY Mini DV... but I suspect that if quality is what you are interested in that there are much better choices. I have used both a firewire and USB to capture from the device. Unfortunately a lot of the quality is lost in the capture. If you want t watch the video on a HDTV though they provide an excellent picture, and crisp frame-by-frame viewing.
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Stick with Mini-DV for video quality. The DVD is more convenience than quality. Also, I highly recommend a 3CCD camera, even though they cost more. One of the cameras used for the montage was 3CCD, the others were one. I bet you can tell the difference.
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