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"Just Good Skiing" video

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Last year at the ESA we saw a video called "Just Good Skiing" featuring members of the PSIA Demo Team. Does anyone know where I can get a copy?
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decent skiing--+

Check out CGeibs`s post-----2 below yours----
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Larry C, I'm not sure I was clear... There is a DVD available that we spent some time studying during a coaches round table at the ESA. Produced by Megan Harvey (IIRC), it was entitled "Just Good Skiing". I'd like to get a copy.
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It's making the rounds "informally". I grabbed a copy from Michael Rogan by hooking my camcorder up to the DVD player, but I did not get any sound (grrr). In theory, you're supposed to be able to order a copy from a PSIA division (West?), but it's "ok" to make copies. I'll see if I can dig my copy up this week and burn a copy if you can't find anyone with a good copy. For me, the video is all I wanted anyway.
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The video is all I really need, as well. I didn't see it at PSIA-RM. I'll check West. (update: not there. I'll keep looking! Thanks!)
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