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What's in a name?

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This guy rushes to get on his plane and takes his seat. The only remaining open seat is right next to him. He settles in, and sees what must be the last passenger to board - and she is a vision. GORGEOUS face, GORGEOUS body, has the look of intelligence and wholesomeness, wearing a very nice, subdued business suit. Of course, the only seat available is the one next to him. She sits . . . the faint but oh so erotic scent of perfume emanates from her every hair and pore. His respiration rate, pulse, and perspiration elevate - not to mention . . .

She smiles at him - OH SO SWEETLY. By some miracle, his pants remain dry, relatively. They buckle up, the plane takes off and becomes airborne. At cruising altitude, she turns to him, and in a voice more angelic than the voice of Mary, she asks, "Hi! On a business trip?" He says, "Uh, yes! Yes! And you?"

She says, "Actually, I'm traveling on business, too. Where are you headed?" He says, "Dallas. Dallas. I'll be staying at the Hilton where my meeting's being held." She says, "What a coincidence! Me, too!" His blood pressure is now off the chart.

"Uh, what business are you in?" he asks.

"I'm a sex therapist. In fact, I'm a speaker at a seminar for other sex therapists." He is, of course, more elevated by the minute. He asks, "So, what's the subject of your talk?"

She says, "Sexual myths". "Such as what?" he asks.

She replies. "Well, for example, some people think that African American men have the largest *****es." "Don't they?" he asks. "No," she says, "they don't. It's Native American men who have the largest *****es. And then there's the myth about Frenchmen being the best lovers. They're not - it's Jewish men who are the best lovers." He nods thoughtfully.

"By the way, " she says, "my name is Gina D'Angelo. What's your name?"

"Tonto Goldberg."
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