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New SkiNet Site Launches

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SkiNet.com has launched - a combination of the old Ski.com and Skiingmag.com with a little Warren Miller thrown in.

It looks good to me - cleaner and better laid-out than its predecessors, plus the Ski and Skiing gear reviews are combined with easier access.

Gear reviews used to be delayed on-line on both Ski and Skiing, for a month or two, until the magazines had sold. At this point, everything appears to be on-line. Handy.

You can also post comments directly on-line for all equipment reviews, (which, of course, I immediately did).

Most useful articles from the magazines are also included.

I thought they were also going to have a forum (like this one?), but I didn't see anything.

Your opinions?
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Huh. Apparently my next skis should be Pontoons... :

I agree that it's way better than the old sites. Hopefully they'll be able to listen to what the on-line consumer wants, as well.
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I was advised that worldclassskiing.com was about to launch before the year's end.

It it purported to be an online consortium of international peer-based professional training methods, etc.

I found Epicski while actually googling names associated with worldclassskiing.com.

Is anyone else aware of WCS' debut?

Thank You

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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
Huh. Apparently my next skis should be Pontoons... :
Funny, that's what they said I should be on!!!
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You and me, baby, you and me!
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