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Hey, i'm wondering what your opinions are on this jacket. I would be using it mostly for racing ( practice,staying warm before runs). Any opions/concerns with using it as a racing jacket?
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I often freeski in a down jacket. Love it, if it's not snowing. Now I'm looking for a water resistant one that's a little longer and covers my bum, like a normal shell. Any suggestions?
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So you think this jacket would be alright if I put a shell over it in heavy rain/snow? It says its water resistant which should be good for most light days.
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What about the other half of your body? Standing around waiting in line with nothing on but a race suit below the waist sounds pretty cold.
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Nothing to add JM3K3...just want to give a shout out to my West Hartford homey!!

Considering I moved to my own personal shangri la, I can't really say I miss the place much though
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It'll do you for standing around at the top or for freeskiing, but I wouldn't train in it, you'll shred it in a day in the gates.

As for bottoms, I've always used Carhartt overalls. Way cheaper than other full-zip pants and much warmer on really frigid days. Not too waterproof, though.
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Hah, East coaster where about in WH?
I would definatly wear a shell over it in the gates. For my bottoms I wear Karbon Pants ( not sure of the model ) but they are gore tex and very warm. I just want a wiked warm jacket. The shell on top sounds like a good idea to me...
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Originally Posted by JM3K3 View Post
Hah, East coaster where about in WH?
I only lived in WH for my last year in CT ('03-'04)...lived in the apts across from the little stop n shop on farmington ave about a mile or 2 west of the center (Westgate apts I think). I lived in Hamden before that but my hometown is really Milford (sort of).
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