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Tecnica Attiva Flame vs. Attiva v8 vs. Salomon Irony 7

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Any thoughts or comparisons between any of these models.

I am researching new boots for my wife. She is an excellent skiier (comfortable on blacks and all over the mountain) 5'3" 112lbs, 25yo. and after a 3 hour boot fitting session, she is leaning towards the Attiva V8s (the flame being second). I want to make sure the V8 is enough boot for her skill level.

I am also interested in a comparison with the Solomon Irony 7; I don't think it is the right boot for her; but, her mother has a brand new pair that is the correct size that she would give us (although she hasn't even tried them on yet) so I am curious how it would compare with the other two.

Thanks to all
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I'm far from a boot-fitting expert, so take my comments with a grain of salt... I think that the Irony is Salomon's "sport" or recreational boot, so I suspect that it would lack the performance level that your wife would want. The Attiva 8 is a good boot, though the Attiva Flame has a bit more ability to be adjusted. Neither of the Tecnica boots is all that stiff, so a big part of the decision is based on how your wife feels about the flex. If she is sticking to skiing groomed blacks (remembering, of course, that black runs in one area are not necessarily the same challenge as others), then it's probably fine. However, there are stiffer options (a more race-oriented boot) that she could consider. In the end, it depends on how often she skis and what type of skiing she likes.

You might try this under the bootfitting thread and get far superior info that what I can offer.
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If your wife has a Salomon/Technica fit and is an advanced who doesn't want a superstiff boot, I'd highly recommend the Salomon Rush 8. One of the best womens' boots to come out in a long time- it doesn't sacrifice performance like a lot of other womens boots do (Like the womens' speedmachines- a real clunker of a boot after the mens' are pretty darn nice), but still has all the female fit features like a forward stance and lower cuff.
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Thanks for the input to date.

She hasn't actually tried the Salomon on yet so it is up in the air if she has a Salomon fit or not. I will suggest that she also try the Rush 8 as you recommended. She has a large calf compared to most women and Tecnica is the only boot so far that seemed to accomidate for that. She has a borderline c-d width foot and felt the flame was a bit narrow for her; she also had a difficult time flexing in it at all. Everything to date is pointing to the V8, fit-wise and flex-wise. I just want to make sure I am not making a mistake on any other grounds.

To clarify, we unfortunately live on the EC; but, she skis on the WC. She took me out to Snow Basin for the first time last year and I am hooked.
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