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Which avalanche beacon

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As I am going back to jackson this year a bunch of my friends and i want to go out of bounds into rock springs and cody bowl. Which beacon do you recomend. I want a good and fast beacon. Multiple burials is not my primary concern since we always ski a face one at a time and no one goes anywhere till the filmers and such are in a safe area. Right now im looking at the Mammut Barryvox, the PEIPS, and the BCA tracker. What do you think is a good one for a first time owner who is looking to get better.

PS: im leaning toward the Barryvox since the PEIPS is pricey, and from what i experienced in my Ave I class, the tracker is big and not so comfortable


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By no means am I the most educated on this subject, but I chose the BCA Tracker DTS. Purchased it because I heard it was the most user friendly of them all and likewise wasn't as concerned about multiple burial situations. On the negative side, I have read that its search range is limited. That said, I am fairly confident it is the easiest to use - which may come in very handy in a pressure situation and help compensate the beginner for the diminished range.
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Backcountry Access Tracker DTS beacon

I have to agree with moose......I have the Tracker and love it. Yup it is abit bigger, but you get used to it in no time. It is by far the easiest and quickest to use....my prefrence is for whoever is with me to have one as well...becuase if it is me buried, I want to know they will find me QUICK!

During my Avalance Level 1, there was a guy there (salesman admitley for Tracker) letting us try them vs. the standard Ortivox.....after that everyone swithched to Trackers....it is also what the industry guys use when working in places like Rogers Pass in the Selkirks (these guys know avalanches)....when the stuff hits the fan....ease of use should be your first priority. Generally speaking, unless you are in some job like heli-guide or ski patrol where you are doing it at least for training everyweek, go for the Tracker....if in doubt jsut try a test with your friends, I had my Tracker, my friends had more standard Ortivox...one would hide a beacon and the others would race to find it....I never lost once....they all bought Trackers too now.
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I have the Mammut Barryvox. In its most simple configuration, you press the mode button (the largest feature on the face) 3- times and you are in receive mode in DSP. I fyou bother to read the manual, you can make this a dual mode receiver; approximately doubling the range in analog. It will automatically switch to digital receiving.

Good choice. As long as you are broadcasting on 457 Mhz and you have the misfortune to be buried, you might be dug out in time. If you practice enough to understand ANY of the units you are looking at, you may be able to save a buddy. As you know, avoidance is the best policy; but when all else fails, its nice to have a beacon. I'm thinking Avalung too.
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One of the main advantages of the Barryvox (which I own for the following reason) is that you can use its analog mode to practice using an analog beacon should you need one. However, real life shows that most people do not practice enough with their beacon, let alone in two different modes!

A digital beacon is probably the best bet for someone new. The Pieps, Barryvox, and Tracker are the most popular (in reverse order, actually, which reflects introduction to market). The Orthovox M2 works too. Other brands such as ARVA also have digital models.

For a painstakingly detailed discussion on the pros and cons of each model, if you do not want to do a lot of research, a forum like that on couloirmag.com, which is dedicated to backcountry, may help. Here is my own short summary of the main distinguishing features of the first three brands:

- Pieps

+ Very clear multiple burial function, with marking off of found victims (very useful to mask their signal while they're being actively dug out)
+ Firmware updates are available (for something like $20 of service fee)

- Barryvox

+ Digital mode AND analog mode
+ Very customizable (some people see that as a con, I don't)

- Tracker

+ Even more idiot proof than the others, or so it seems
+ May be better at short range than others

If I were to buy a new beacon today, I would look at the Barryvox and the Pieps, and maybe pick the Pieps for its multiple burials feature. Training on a multiple burial with the Barryvox shows how difficult it can be: there is nothing more frustrating than a seemingly random direction indicator! (Probably when getting from one set of flux lines to another due to signal strength.)

Good luck. Your beacon will only be as good as its user, so train and practice!

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Pretty much narrowed down to Pieps and Tracker.
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I have to teach basic beacon use to my students when we hike in class. The tracker is very easy to use as is the Ortovox M2 for my students. Along with the older analog ones, these are the ones I have used and coached being used. I bought the M2 myself. I found it a little more intuitive and has a longer usable range. You really can't go wrong either way. Less important than what brand you buy is how much you practice. Practice frequently enough to grab and search without much thinking. Don't forget the probe and shovel as you will need these too. later, RicB.
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Originally Posted by RicB View Post
Don't forget the probe and shovel as you will need these too. later, RicB.
Yeah, im going to get a probe soon, i already have the shovel from making kickers. Im curious why the barryvox isnt popular on tgr. Right now im still leaning toward the barryvox and then the tracker. i dont need the featues of the peips at this point in time.
keep em coming
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Originally Posted by madmanmlh View Post
Yeah, im going to get a probe soon, i already have the shovel from making kickers. Im curious why the barryvox isnt popular on tgr. Right now im still leaning toward the barryvox and then the tracker. i dont need the featues of the peips at this point in time.
keep em coming
Alot people just buy what they can get the best deal on or what is sold inb their local shop. I don't have any experience with barryvox, but I'm sure you would do well with either one. Our patrol at Bridger Bowl use trackers. Tracker also sponsors our beacon basin practice area. Later, RicB.
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The Barryvox can routinely be found for $199 around Christmas from REI. The Pieps multiple burials feature is worth considering if you ski with multiple partners.

And then of course there soon will be the Barryvox Pulse ($400 MSRP IIRC) which, in addition to the pulse feature, looks like it has improved multiple burials functions, though it is unclear whether some of these require the other searchers to also search using a Pulse.

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