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Solicitation of instructional services that violate law or resort policies is a violation of the terms of EpicSki. All threads and posts soliciting or offering freelance instruction without appropriate approval will be immediately locked or deleted.

Instructors are permitted to advertise their availability for legally provided lessons only via the Epic Instructor listing or through responses to posts seeking instructor recommendations.

Students seeking lessons outside of the traditional ski school environment should be aware that ski school employees are not allowed to teach lessons that are not arranged through the school at their home resort and that instructors teaching at a resort they are not employed at generally must have permission from and a business arrangement with the resort before charging for their services. Because most such arrangements are approved only for large groups (e.g. camps, ski club trips), EpicSki does not permit posts that are requesting freelance services without prior approval.

EpicSki apologizes for any inconvenience that this policy may cause to law abiding individuals. EpicSki does not support illegal activities. This policy is also necessary to avoid the costs of becoming involved in legal proceedings.