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I'm 5'11" and I have a pair of 912s on them. Nearly all of my skiing is in Europe, mostly in SE Switzerland and eastern Austria. I also skied for a week in early January at Snowbird last year.

I'm a fairly fast skier and never did I feel that I was going to lose it on the Bros. They are just uncanny in their ability to suck it up when your charging through crud, across early morning frozen stuff, cut up powder or sun rot snow. One of my long time skiing buddies in Switzerland commented that he no longer can keep up with me since I got on the Bros.

Hope this helps.
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Back to Bszekely, Crank and X-EastCoaster

Thanks for the opinion. The "Tourist Ski" label came from a buddy of mine. I do not have any first hand knowledge, so I value your opinion. I might look for a pair on eBay (they seem to be going for cheap) or rental or demo.

I am 6 ft and 180 pounds. Ski a Volkl 6 star on Minnesota hard snow and a 180 cm Explosive in the mountains (Lone Peak at Big Sky, Little & Big Cottonwood, Crystal in Washington.

What length PR would you suggest for me?
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Try to mount the Explosives a tad forward for more maneuverability first.
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Pocket Rocket size - 185cm no question
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Originally Posted by X-EastCoaster View Post
Pocket Rocket size - 185cm no question
Definitely. I think the 185 PRs feel a bit stiffer because the mid section of the ski has a lot of fiberglass making it fairly stiff. It's just the tips that are quite soft. So if you have a short version of the ski, the whole thing will feel soft.
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Great post gang. I've skied on 175cm pr's for the last 4 yrs at Tahoe and love them, but haven't tried any other fatties. I'm 5ft 9in, 167lbs and Was thinking of maybe a burlier, bigger ski for pow and crud, like the gotama. So it was good to hear the differences intelligently discussed. The rockets are so versatile and easy skiing-bumps, tight spots, groomers all feel good. The only thing I could see being a big advantage with a Gotama would be: superior float (duh) and opening it up on variable snow, which are considerable advantages.
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