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Extra Mounting Screws

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For years I have been searching for a way to purchase ski binding mounting srews of various lengths as a result of building my own spacers for between my race plates and bindings in order to put myself at the proper stack height and ramp angle. I used to get them from just about anywhere I could find, and would often relieve shops of the screws from their old/out-of-date bindings. My collection is starting to run low in a few sizes - particularly non countersunk screws and the shorter (15mm to 20mm) lengths. I found this link at reliable racing:


I am curious if anyone has ever purchased these, and if they are in fact mounting screws (which I assume they are)... as well as what sizes are in the bag. I know that the easy way would be to email reliable, but I figured I would ask here first... as well as asking if anyone knew where else I could find these things. I have always struck out at hardware stores though...


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Try contacting Sun Valley Tuning Supply (SVST).
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Available direct from Tognar:

If you can't find what you need I can offer Snoli binding screws in the following sizes:
5,5 x 9,5mm
5,5 x 11,5mm
5,5 x 13,0mm
5,5 x 15,0mm
5,5 x 16,0mm
5,5 x 18,0mm
5,5 x 21,5mm
5,5 x 28,0mm
6,2 x 17,5mm

I understand that all are available in either countersunk or shoulder screws. The long lengths only tend to be threaded for half their lengths. Unfortunately I can only offer boxes of 100 pcs per size at GBP8.00 per box plus shipping.
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